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Diane Keaton Kisses Jessica Chastain, Kevin Bacon On ‘Graham Norton’ (VIDEO)

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Diane Keaton Jessica-Chastain Kiss Graham Norton


Diane Keaton got very affectionate during her appearance on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show.” While discussing her love of on-screen kisses, the actress locked lips with the talk show host, as well as fellow guests Jessica Chastian and Kevin Bacon. Watch the video here!

Jessica Chastain To Burt Reynolds: You Should Regret Posing On Dead Bear, Not Nudity (VIDEO)

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Jessica Chastain Burt Reynolds Dead Bear Nudity


Jessica Chastain is calling out Burt Reynolds for comments he made about his famous Cosmopolitan nude centerfold. See video here.

Stars Slam Cannes Film Festival For Allegedly Turning Away Women Not Wearing Heels

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Cannes Film Festival High Heels

Stars are slamming the Cannes International Film Festival for allegedly requiring women to wear high heels in order to attend premieres. Get the details here, and tell us what you think of the controversy.

Jessica Chastain: Brad Pitt Was My “Game Changer”

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Jessica Chastain InStyle

Jessica Chastain says being cast opposite Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life changed everything. “I knew the second Brad signed on it was a game changer for my career,” the actress tells InStyle. “Then I was just scared that I was going to get fired. It wasn’t until after a week of shooting that I started to relax.”

Jessica Chastain: Getting Famous As Teenager Would Have Been “Disaster”

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Jessica Chastain Glamour

Jessica Chastain is happy she got famous when she did, rather than as a teenager.

“I would have been a disaster,” she tells Glamour. “If I was 19 and I had the attention that I’m getting now, I would have just said stupid things. I would have partied more. All these expensive dinners and people giving me champagne? All these stupid things that we criticize 19-year-olds for doing when they’re famous, I would have done.”

James McAvoy And Jessica Chastain Get Drunk And Rob Restaurant With MTV Correspondent — WATCH VIDEO!

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James McAvoy Jessica Chastain Rob Restaurant


James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain force MTV News correspondent Josh Horrowitz to do shots, perform outrageous dares, and eventually rob a restaurant on a wild episode of “After Hours.”

Oh, it gets bad.

Check out the insane video here!

Jessica Chastain Tries To Survive A Most Violent Year — WATCH TRAILER!

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A Most Violent Year Trailer


The first trailer for the crime drama A Most Violent Year debuted on Thursday.

Check out the video here!

WATCH: Jessica Chastain Makes Colin Farrell Kiss Her Shoe in Miss Julie Trailer

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Jessica Chastain Colin Farrell Miss Julie Trailer


Jessica Chastain portrays a noble women who falls in love with a servant played by Colin Farrell in the trailer for Miss Julie.

Check out the video here!

CLAIM: Jessica Chastain Interrupts Fashion Show to Take Oscar Nomination Phone Call

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(Daily Mail)

“It’s the ultimate fashion show faux pas,” chides the Daily Mail, “answering your mobile phone while seated on the front row.”

The British tab continues, “But we think Giorgio Armani probably forgave his star guest Jessica Chastain when she interrupted his Paris fashion show to find out about her Oscar nomination.”

Wait, what?!

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