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Jimmy Fallon Gets Surprise Birthday Visits From Seth Rogen, James Franco & Stevie Wonder On Tonight Show – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jimmy Fallon Birthday Surprise Tonight Show


Jimmy Fallon celebrated his 40th birthday on “The Tonight Show” on Friday, and got very special surprise visits from Seth RogenJames Franco, and Stevie Wonder.

Check out the video here!

James Franco Shaves Head “Bald As A Mutha” For New Role — SEE PHOTOS!

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James Franco Bald Shaved Head


James Franco shaved his head on Wednesday, going completely bald for his role in the upcoming movie Zeroville.

The actor documented his hair transformation with a series of selfies that he shared on Instagram, captioning one of the shots, “Bald as a mutha!”

Check out the photos here!

Kink Trailer: James Franco Shows You BDSM Porn

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Kink Trailer


Kink, which now has a full trailer, is about BDSM pornography.

James Franco produced the movie, which explores the inner workings of, one of the largest producers of BDSM content in the world.

James Franco Takes Off Pants For ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – WATCH VIDEO

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James Franco, who likes to expose himself on Instagram, used the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to once again go pantless.

In a clip he posted late on Monday, Franco, wearing a T-shirt that read “Moby Dick,” accepted the challenge from Selena Gomez, and then got doused with ice cold water in a shower, as he held a tiny yellow piece of paper (with the names of his nominees) over his otherwise naked genitals.

Check out the video here!

Lindsay Lohan: “I Would Never Do” What James Franco Did With Bizarre Short Story

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Lindsay Lohan Responds James Franco Story

Lindsay Lohan is hitting back at James Franco for writing “Bungalow 89,” a bizarre short story in which he denies sleeping a “damaged” actress named “Lindsay.”

See what she says here!

Amber Heard Going To “Leave” Johnny Depp For James Franco?

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(Perez Hilton)

Amber Heard Might Leave Johnny Depp For James Franco??!” reads the headline of a Perez Hilton post, which goes on to claim, “Whispers around town are saying that James Franco could be getting in between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp after he and Amber got VERY close of the set of The Adderall Diaries.”


VIDEO: James Franco Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Take Perfect Fan Selfie

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James Franco Selfie Jimmy Fallon


James Franco taught Jimmy Fallon how to take a perfect fan selfie on Monday’s “Tonight Show.”

For months, the actor has been fielding photo requests from admirers outside his Broadway production Of Mice and Men, so he’s very experienced in the art.

James Franco Bares Naked Butt At Broadway Fundraiser (VIDEO)

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(Getty Images)


James Franco let a drag queen pull down his pants and expose his naked butt during a surprise appearance at the annual HIV fundraiser, “Broadway Bares.”

Check out the video and photos from the event here!

Johnny Depp “Spying” on Amber Heard “Flirting” With Co-Star James Franco?

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(Getty Images)

Johnny Depp “keeps showing up on the set” of Amber Heard’s new movie, The Adderall Diaries, because he is “insecure” about her working with James Franco, claims OK!

According to the tabloid, Heard has been “flirting up a storm” with Franco, who is “infamous for bedding costars,” and so Depp is now making “numerous unannounced visits.”


TEASER: Seth Rogen, James Franco Try to Assassinate Kim Jong-un in The Interview

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(Sony Pictures)


Seth Rogen and James Franco team up again in the new movie The Interview.

The Pineapple Express colleagues star as celebrity tabloid journalists who attempt to go legit by interviewing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

That is, until the CIA gets involved.

Watch the first teaser here!

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