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Shia LaBeouf’s Donald Trump Live Stream With Jaden Smith: ‘He Will Not Divide Us’

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Shia LaBeouf Donald Trump Live Stream


Shia LaBeouf’s latest art project, titled “He Will Not Divide Us,” is an anti-Donald Trump “participatory performance” live streaming from the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. Watch it here.

Jaden Smith Death Hoax Exploited By HollywoodLife

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Jaden Smith Death Hoax

Jaden Smith is alive and well. But HollywoodLife is exploiting a death hoax about the teen star, posting THREE stories about him being dead.

Jaden Smith: I Don’t See Difference Between Men And Women’s Clothing

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Jaden Smith Womens Clothing

Jaden Smith reveals in a new interview that he doesn’t see the difference between men and women’s clothing, and believes most people are “confused about gender norms.”

Jaden Smith: “It’s An Honor For People To Think I’m Crazy”

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Jaden Smith Crazy GQ Interview

Jaden Smith responds to the perception that he’s “crazy,” calls himself a scientist, and predicts no one will know where he is in 10 years in an intense new interview with GQ.

Kylie Jenner Accused Of Stalking Supposed Jaden Smith Love Rival

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Kyle Jenner Stalker Jaden Smith Love Rival

Kylie Jenner is accused of stalking a supposed love rival over Jaden Smith’s affections. Find out more here.

Jaden Smith Wears Dress To Prom With Amandla Stenberg (PHOTO)

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Jaden Smith prom dress


Jaden Smith wore his own prom dress on Friday night when he accompanied Amandla Stenberg to her school’s big end-of-the-year dance. Stenberg posted photos of Smith’s outfit, which was a cream-colored dress, paired with a black blazer, sneaker, and one fingerless glove. See the photo here.

Jaden Smith Did NOT Come Out As Gay, Despite MediaTakeOut Report

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Jaden Smith Gay


Jaden Smith did NOT come out as gay on Twitter, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim, which was spread on Wednesday by a questionable webloid. A Smith family rep tells Gossip Cop, “There’s no truth to it.”

Will Smith: Jaden Has “One Pair Of Shoes,” Refuses To Be “Slave To Money”

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Will Smith Esquire

Will Smith reveals that despite his massive wealth, his son Jaden has only one pair of shoes and has basically rejected material possessions in a wide-ranging new Esquire interview. The actor also talks about his biggest failure, gun culture, his “psychotic” work ethic, and the best part about being famous.

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith “Ban” Willow and Jaden From Seeing Kendall, Kylie Jenner?

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Smiths Jenners


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did NOT “ban” their children Willow and Jaden from seeing Kendall and Kylie Jenner, despite a new OK! report claiming that’s where the laid-back parents “draw the line.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Order Jaden to Stay Away From Kylie Jenner?

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(Getty Images)


Will Smith and wife Jada hoped their son Jaden’s puppy love for Kylie Jenner would quickly fizzle, but now they’re demanding their 15-year-old Romeo dump her — and the entire Kardashian family!” says the National Enquirer.

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