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Ice Cube Tells Howard Stern About Dr. Dre Reconciliation, “Hating” ‘Boyz N The Hood’ (AUDIO)

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Ice Cube Howard Stern Show 2016 Interview


Ice Cube revealed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” how he and Dr. Dre reconciled after years of not speaking, why he “hated” Boyz n the Hood the first time seeing it, and much more. Listen to audio from the interview here!

Ice Cube Joining New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie?

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Ice Cube is not set to play J. Jonah Jameson, the editor of The Daily Bugle in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, despite a new report. Even the rapper and actor himself says it’s not true.

Kevin Hart Scared Of “Racist” Snake On Australia’s ‘Today Show’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Kevin Hart Scared Snake


Kevin Hart and Ice Cube appeared on Australia’s “Today Show” on Monday, but Hart didn’t get along so well with the talk show’s fellow guests: a lizard and a giant snake, which he deemed “racist.” Watch the funny video here!

Ice Cube On ‘Graham Norton Show’: “Crying” About ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Oscars Snub Is “Ridiculous” (VIDEO)

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Ice Cube Straight Outta Compton Oscars Snub


Ice Cube appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” where he addressed the controversy surrounding the lack of black nominees at this years Oscars and the Straight Outta Compton snub. Watch the video here!

Ice Cube Uses Martin Luther King Jr. Day To Promote ‘Ride Along 2’

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Ride Along 2 Ice Cube Martin Luther King Jr Day

Ice Cube used Martin Luther King Jr. Day to promote his new movie Ride Along 2, and his Twitter followers are having mixed reactions to him hyping his comedy via a holiday that commemorates the slain civil rights leader. See his tweet here.

Ice Cube And Jimmy Fallon Reveal “Things N.W.A. Does NOT Stand For” (VIDEO)

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Ice Cube NWA Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon


Ice Cube wasn’t allowed to say on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” what his former group’s name N.W.A. stands for, so he and Jimmy Fallon instead revealed what the acronym does NOT stand for. Watch the funny video here!

Ice Cube Says He Was “Robbed” After Losing To Paul Walker “Sympathy” Vote At MTV Movie Awards, Then Backtracks

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(Getty Images)

Ice Cube is in hot water after complaining that he was “robbed” when the late Paul Walker beat him for an honor at the MTV Movie Awards.

Walker and his Fast & Furious 6 co-star Vin Diesel won Best On-Screen Duo, beating Ice Cube and Kevin Hart from Ride Along.

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