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Hulk Hogan “The View” Video: I Didn’t Make Sex Tape Or Sue Gawker “For Profit”

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Hulk Hogan The View Video March 2016


Hulk Hogan said on “The View” he didn’t sue Gawker “for profit,” and questions whether he’ll even get any of the $140 million he won in his sex tape lawsuit against the media company. Watch here.

Hulk Hogan GMA Video: Gawker “Picked The Wrong Guy” – WATCH!

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Hulk Hogan GMA Gawker Video


Hulk Hogan gave his first TV interview about winning his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch here.

Hulk Hogan Wins $25.1 Million MORE In Punitive Damages For Leaked Sex Tape

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Hulk Hogan punitive damages

Hulk Hogan was awarded awarded another $25.1 million as punitive damages by a St. Petersburg, Florida jury on Monday to go along with the $115 million he won on Friday in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker.

Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million In Sex Tape Lawsuit Against Gawker

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Hulk Hogan Awarded 115 Million Gawker Lawsuit

Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker on Friday. Find out more here.

Hulk Hogan Testifies Posting Of Sex Tape Left Him “Humiliated” And “Shaking”

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(Getty Images)

Hulk Hogan’s trial against Gawker began on Monday, with the wrestler testifying that the website’s posting of a secretly recorded sex tape left him “humiliated” and “violently shaking.”

Hulk Hogan: “I Wanted To Kill Myself” When I Went On N-Rant (VIDEO)

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Hulk Hogan GMA Video N-Word Interview


Hulk Hogan says he wanted to commit suicide at the time he went on his legacy-tarnishing N-word rant. Watch here.

Hulk Hogan: I Want To Be Donald Trump’s Running Mate, WWE Still ‘The Best’ (VIDEO)

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Hulk Hogan WWE Donald Trump Video


Hulk Hogan says he has no “hard feelings” towards the WWE after the organization terminated his contract last month, and though he’s hopeful for a reunion, he already has a backup plan. The wrestling legend wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate. Really. See videos here.

Dwayne Johnson On Hulk Hogan: ‘I Was Disappointed,’ But ‘We’ve All Talked Trash’

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Dwayne Johnson Hulk Hogan Reaction

Dwayne Johnson made his first comments on Hulk Hogan‘ s N-word scandal during a Television Critics’ Association press tour session on Thursday. Check out his reaction here, and tell us what you think.

Hulk Hogan Allegedly Makes Homophobic Slurs Against Gay People On N-Word Sex Tape

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Hulk Hogan homophobic slurs

Hulk Hogan’s controversial sex tape is allegedly even worse than previously thought. As Gossip Cop reported, unseen footage from the tape features the wrestler ranting about “n*ggers,” and now it’s claimed there’s also a part where he slams gay people and makes homophobic slurs. Find out more here.

Hulk Hogan Thanks Fans For “Love And Support” During N-Word Scandal

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Hulk Hogan Thanks Fans

Hulk Hogan is thanking the fans who are standing by him in the wake of his N-word scandal. See the message he shared on Twitter here.

Hulk Hogan Daughter Brooke Defends Father: He “Brought A Smile To People Light, Medium And Dark”

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Brooke Hogan poem Hulk Hogan

Brooke Hogan is defending her dad Hulk Hogan after it emerged that he went on a racist rant that was recorded nearly a decade ago when his daughter was involved with a black man. She has penned a long poem that she posted to Facebook titled, “If You Knew My Father,” in which she said he “brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.” Read her entire poem here.

Dennis Rodman Slammed For Supporting Hulk Hogan And Donald Trump

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Dennis Rodman Donald Trump Hulk Hogan

Dennis Rodman is being slammed online for tweeting his support for both Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump. See what’s being said here!

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