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Austin Mahone Rips HollywoodLife For “Ridiculous,” False Story About Breakup

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Austin Mahone Camila HollywoodLife

Austin Mahone called out HollywoodLife on Tuesday night for yet again making up another entirely fictitious story. As Gossip Cop has noted, the webloid publishes two types of posts, (1) stories it rips off from legitimate news outlets like Gossip Cop and (2) rumors it manufactures, laughably accompanied by the word “exclusive.” In this current instance, the unreliable site fabricated the “shocking reason” Mahone and girlfriend Camila Cabello broke up.

Taylor Swift Did NOT “Diss” Harry Styles At AMAs, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles AMAs

Taylor Swift did not diss Harry Styles at the American Music Awards, despite a HollywoodLife report claiming the “Blank Space” singer took a shot at her ex-boyfriend during her show-opening AMAs performance.

Lisa Bonet Did NOT Send “Cryptic Tweet” About Bill Cosby — Twitter Account Fake!

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Lisa Bonet Bill Cosby Tweet

Lisa Bonet did NOT send a “cryptic tweet” about her “Cosby Show” co-star Bill Cosby, despite reports from outlets that don’t bother to fact check. On Saturday and Sunday, numerous websites such as X17Online claimed Bonet became the “latest person to speak up” about Cosby’s alleged sex crimes when she “posted a telling tweet regarding her possible stance on the matter.”

HollywoodLife Taunts Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

Ever since Selena Gomez pointed out that HollywoodLife never tells the truth about her, the already disreputable webloid has been on a rampage, posting false story after false story about the singer-actress, and using every opportunity to sensationalize her on-and-off status with Justin Bieber. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly observed, HollywoodLife is not nearly as mature as Gomez, Bieber, and the other young stars it covers. And on Saturday, the site proved it again.

LISTEN: Beyonce’s New Song “Ring Off” Is About Her Parents — NOT Jay Z

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Beyonce Ring Off Lyrics


Beyoncé’s new song “Ring Off” is about her parents, NOT her own relationship with Jay Z, despite what some sensational outlets are reporting. The track surfaced online Thursday, along with another new song called “7/11.” Listen here, and get the real story behind the lyrics.

Taylor Swift Does Not Want To Date Harry Styles Again, Despite Report

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Harry Styles Taylor Swift Dating Again


Taylor Swift does not want to date Harry Styles again, despite a totally made up story. Gossip Cop is exclusively debunking this rumor that was manufactured by the fan fiction writers at HollywoodLife after stories emerged that the exes are now pals.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Did Not Reunite; HollywoodLife Lies, Steals Stories

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Harry Styles Taylor Swift Back Together

HollywoodLife says it has “exclusively” learned that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift will not start dating again. This is hilarious, because HollywoodLife spent recent days saying the exact opposite.

Kristen Stewart Has Not “Sworn Off” Men, Despite Ridiculous Report

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Kristen Stewart Done With Men

Kristen Stewart has not “sworn off” men, despite a ridiculous HollywoodLife report. We will not detail here HollywoodLife’s years-long assault on facts and reality when it comes to Stewart. Calling HollywoodLife’s reporting “catastrophically bad” is an understatement. But this latest story is one of the dumbest things HollywoodLife has written about Stewart and her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in recent memory.

Selena Gomez Victim Of More HollywoodLife “Games”

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Selena Gomez Instagram

HollywoodLife continues to spread lies about Selena Gomez and Justin BieberGossip Cop will continue to call out HollywoodLife’s lies, because HollywoodLife’s lies keep infecting the rumor mill.

Selena Gomez Treated Like A Prop, Not A Person, By HollywoodLife

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Selena Gomez HollywoodLife

Anytime Selena Gomez does anything, HollywoodLife sensationalizes it. She cannot leave her house without HollywoodLife posting a conspiracy theory about it. In HollywoodLife’s eyes, Selena Gomez is not a person. She’s a prop in endless Justin Bieber drama.

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