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Chris Brown Did NOT Slam Kim Kardashian and Kanye West As Parents, Despite Report

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Chris Brown Kim Kanye

HollywoodLife is trying to stir trouble between Chris Brown and power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over, of all things, their parenting styles. The webloid, which spent most of the winter wrongly predicting Brown and Karrueche Tran would be married by now, now claims Brown is desperate for his daughter Royalty not to grow up like Kardashian and West’s daughter North.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are NOT Grooming North To Be Child Star, Despite Made-Up Story

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North West Child Star


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not grooming their daughter North to become a Nickelodeon or Disney star, despite a completely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which was manufactured by a site that has a poor track record when it comes to things like accuracy. Kardashian’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the claim is entirely “false.”

Miley Cyrus Did Not “Mock” Or “Diss” North West, Despite Bogus Report

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Miley Cyrus Mocked North West

HollywoodLife can’t stop making up exclusives about Miley Cyrus. Oh, wait, we’re sorry. The site’s “sources,” who definitely exist and definitely aren’t figments of the webloid’s imagination, can’t stop making up exclusives!

HollywoodLife Made Up Story About Patrick Schwarzenegger Wanting To “Crash” Miley Cyrus Party In Las Vegas

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Miley Cyrus Party Patrick Schwarzenegger

On Saturday, HollywoodLife made up a story about how Patrick Schwarzenegger was going to crash Miley Cyrus’ party in Las Vegas to “explain his scandalous spring break pics.” Of course, that never happened. On Sunday, HollywoodLife made up a second story to cover up its first fabrication. Welcome to “journalism” in 2015.

Zayn Malik’s Sister Did NOT Speak Out About “Rumors” — Instagram Is FAKE

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Zayn Malik Sister Safaa Instagram

Zayn Malik’s sister has NOT spoken out on his decision to leave the One Direction tour, despite what less reputable webloids want readers to believe. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

HollywoodLife Makes Up Miley Cyrus “Revenge” On Patrick Schwarzenegger

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Miley Cyrus Revenge

HollywoodLife, a backed-up garbage disposal masquerading as a “celebrity news” site, is at it again. Now the webloid claims Miley Cyrus’ surprise performance at SXSW on Thursday was “revenge” on her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger amid rumors that he’s been cheating. Gossip Cop hopes to stop this nonsense right here.

Miley Cyrus Was NEVER Slated To Perform At SXSW, Despite Made-Up Story Tied To Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo Photos

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Miley Cyrus SXSW


Miley Cyrus did not bail on a performance at SXSW, despite a made-up story by an outlet that shamelessly tried to find an angle tying the singer’s appearance in Austin to the photos of Patrick Schwarzenegger hugging a bikini-clad woman in Cabo. A source close to Cyrus confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop that Cyrus was NEVER scheduled to do a show or even join the Flaming Lips onstage, despite the bogus report.

HollywoodLife Blames Selena Gomez For Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin “Breakup”

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Breakup

Hailey Baldwin never dated Justin Bieber. She said they were not dating. He said they were not dating. There was no evidence whatsoever to contradict their denials. They were never dating. Now, HollywoodLife is trying to blame Selena Gomez for an imaginary Bieber and Baldwin “breakup.”

HollywoodLife Makes Up Selena Gomez Weight Gain For Justin Bieber Story

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Selena Gomez Wight Gain Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez’s supposed weight gain has absolutely NOTHING to do with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor, which was started by a webloid that has gotten several Bieber and Gomez stories wrong. We’re told the entire report is “ridiculous.”

HollywoodLife Made Up Selena Gomez Engagement Rumor Just To Make Up More False Stories (EXCLUSIVE)

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Selena Gomez Engagement Ring


Selena Gomez is not engaged. The silver band she’s recently been spotted wearing on her left hand is not an engagement ring. No one actually thought Gomez was engaged, but HollywoodLife put the rumor out there anyway, just so the webloid could take credit for correcting it, and then use it to spark more false stories. See how they tried to manipulate the system.

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