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Harry Styles

Harry Styles Gets Wet and Wild in Washington D.C. — SEE PHOTO!

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Harry Styles Wet Tshirt


Harry Styles flaunted his chest tattoos in a soaking wet white T-shirt while he posed with fans during a torrential downpour in Washington D.C.

Check out the photo here!

Harry Styles Is A “Dad At 20,” Claims Tab

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“Harry A Dad At 20,” reads a headline of a story about Harry Styles on the cover of the new NW magazine.

According to the Australian tab, the One Direction singer is the father of a little girl.

Wait, what?!

Harry Styles Favorites An Explicit Tweet

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Harry Styles favorited a very explicit tweet on Twitter, a discovery fans made on Sunday night.

The tweet features a pornographic image, accompanied by a risqué caption.


Harry Styles Gave Up Sex? NO!

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(Getty Images)

Harry Styles has allegedly given up sex, according to widespread reports in the British press.

The rumor seems to be based entirely on speculation that the One Direction singer has embraced Kabbalah, and that somehow his newfound spirituality has led him to take on celibacy.

Harry Styles Begs Bride-To-Be To Run Away With Him — WATCH HERE!

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Harry Styles made one bride-to-be’s dreams come true by pleading with her to run away with him in an adorable video.

Check out the video here!

Harry Styles Naked Watching Boxing (PIC)

Truth rating: 9


Harry Styles appears to be naked in a new picture — posted and quickly deleted by his cousin Matt Selley — of the One Direction singer.

Is Harry Styles Really on Tinder?

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(Getty Images)

One Direction’s Harry Styles is on Tinder, and it looks like he wanted to get it on with Newcastle students,” alleges The Tab, a newspaper in England.

The author of the story claims to have “matched” with the singer on the dating app prior to the band’s concert on Saturday.

Was it really Styles?

Harry Styles Catches Fan’s Bra During Concert — Watch His Priceless Reaction!

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Harry Styles unexpectedly caught a fan’s bra during a recent concert, and his reaction was priceless.

The One Direction singer was having a quick snack during their Dublin set when he reached out to grab something flying his way.

Watch the amusing video here!

Harry Styles “X-Rated Sex Pic” Is Fake!

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Harry Styles Sex Pic

Is Harry Styles in a “X-rated sex pic” scandal?

The front page of Friday’s Daily Star read, “1D HARRY SEX PIC SHAME,” and showed a picture of what seemed like Styles in a very compromising position.

But is it real?

WATCH: Harry Styles Pulls Down Piers Morgan’s Pants (VIDEO)

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Harry Styles did more than score a goal at Niall Horan’s charity soccer match.

He also managed to pull down Piers Morgan’s pants.

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