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Jennifer Aniston “Worries” About Justin Theroux’s “Friendship” With Liv Tyler?

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Jennifer Aniston Jealous Liv Tyler Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston is “getting annoyed with Justin Theroux’s friendship with Liv Tyler,” begins a piece that originated in the British tab Grazia.

For real?

Katie Holmes Dating Alexander Skarsgard?

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Katie Holmes Alexander Skarsgard Dating


Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard are dating, claims Grazia.

According to the tabloid, the actors’ romance first blossomed on the set of The Giver, and their love connection is now heating up.

Is it true?

Kim Kardashian Building “Booty Room”?

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(Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is building a “booty room” in her new mansion, according to a ridiculous story from Grazia.

The British tabloid claims Kardashian’s mega-home with Kanye West will feature a room solely devoted to keeping her, um, assets in shape.


Jennifer Aniston Eats Placenta Chips To Stay Young, Claims Tab

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(Getty Images)

Jennifer Anistons secret to staying young is “placenta crisps,” reports Grazia.

The tabloid, which previously claimed Aniston and Justin Theroux invited Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to their wedding, now says the actress eats chips made out of female placenta to keep her skin looking youthful.


CLAIM: John Mayer “Gutted” After Katy Perry Rejects Marriage Proposal

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(Getty Images)

John Mayer was left “gutted” after Katy Perry rejected his marriage proposal, claims Grazia.

According to the tab, the crooner popped the question last week after getting permission from the pop star’s parents — only to get shot down.

“John’s proposal really unnerved Katy. Even though they have discussed it, she thought it was too soon,” a so-called “source” tells Grazia.

Is it true?

CLAIM: Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal Are “Secretly Dating”

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“All eyes will be out for a first sighting of Katie Holmes and Jake Gyllenhaal in 2013 after it was claimed the pair are secretly dating,” says Metro.

Picking up a story from the tabloid Grazia, the site reports, “Friends allege the former Mrs Cruise has been slinking over to Jake’s West Village apartment in New York for dinners.”

Is it true?

CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston Made Justin Theroux’s Ex Heidi Bivens Cry

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A rumor picking up a lot of steam today claims Jennifer Aniston had an emotional meeting with Justin Theroux‘s ex, Heidi Bivens, in a New York hotel.

Grazia magazine originated the report after apparently gaining special access to the alleged tearful one-on-one between Aniston and Bivens.

Now the Daily Mail and other outlets are spreading the story about the two women supposedly clearing the air at the Mercer Hotel on November 6.

Claim: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Planning Reality Show

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“Breaking News,” Grazia magazine says on its latest cover, which declares that Katie Holmes will “Lift Lid On Marriage To Tom.”

How so?

According to the British mag, Holmes “is planning on answering those rumours that her marriage is a sham — by letting hubby Tom Cruise record their everyday lives” for a reality show.

George Clooney shoots down rumor he and girlfriend split

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The British tab Grazia claimed that George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis split up after the Oscars. The story was picked up by a number of sites, including Hollyscoop, which stated, “Are we surprised? Not really. George usually breaks up with his girls after award show season.” See what Clooney himself says about the rumor.

Tab has “fertile” imagination with Jennifer Aniston story

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Life & Style has a piece on Jennifer Aniston this week that made us cringe so much, we’ve just developed a new wrinkle line by our left eye.

According to the weekly, “Jen’s turning to fertility doctors.”


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