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Angelina Jolie Not Moving To London, Writes People Magazine Months After Gossip Cop Exclusive

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Angelina Jolie Moving London

Angelina Jolie has no plans to move to London, Gossip Cop exclusively reported in December. Oddly, People reported it as if it were news on Tuesday, and even boasted about what it termed an “exclusive,” with a headline very similar to our original article. What gives?

Gossip Cop Busted 2,404 Stories In 2016, National Enquirer Was Worst Offender

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National Enquirer 2016 Worst Offender

Gossip Cop busted 2,404 stories in 2016. That’s nearly a 60 percent increase over 2015, when we busted 1,504 stories. That year, OK! was our worst offender, but this time around, the dishonor belongs to its sister publication, the National Enquirer. See our full scorecard here.

Fake News Is Old News To Gossip Cop

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Fake News Gossip Cop


“Fake News” is old news to Gossip Cop. We spotted this malignant trend beginning to grow online as far back as a decade ago, and it’s precisely the reason we led the charge to combat it when we launched this site nearly eight years ago. Here’s what “Fake News” is, and what we can do about it.

Gossip Cop Now Available on Google AMP

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Google AMP Developer

Gossip Cop is now available in the Google AMP search results on your mobile device! The editors here at Gossip Cop want to provide our viewers with accurate celebrity news as quickly as possible. The Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) delivers Gossip Cop stories to your device on web pages that load faster than any […]

Gossip Cop Busted 1,504 Stories In 2015, OK! Was The Worst Offender

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Gossip Cop Busted Stories 2015

Gossip Cop busted 1,504 stories in 2015, up from 1,364 in 2014. That year, Star was our worst offender, but over the last 365 days, sister publication OK! managed to steal the dishonor. See our year-end tabloid Top 10 list here!

Google Considers Ranking Search Results On Accuracy: Good News For Gossip Cop, People Who Care About Facts

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Gossip Cop

There might be some good news on the horizon for people who believe in accurate reporting. Gossip Cop, of course, is dedicated to separating fact from fiction and debunking the fake celebrity news stories that spread online. We value the truth over sensationalism. Now it looks like Google may be coming around to our point of view.

Gossip Cop Celebrates Four Years of “Busting Bad Dish”



Gossip Cop is celebrating its four-year anniversary!

It was just four short years ago that we announced on “Good Morning America” the launch of the first and only site of its kind to separate fact from fiction in celebrity reporting.

George Clooney Amazed by Wrong Rumors, Calls Gossip Cop “Wonderful”


George Clooney finds the endless rumors about him ridiculous, but is glad Gossip Cop is around.

Backstage at the Golden Globes on Sunday, we asked the Best Actor winner about the absurdities of the celebrity rumor mill.

Gossip Cop Celebrates Two Years of “Busting Bad Dish”

Gossip Cop Logo


Gossip Cop is celebrating its two-year anniversary today!

It was back on July 29, 2009 that we announced on “Good Morning America” and the “Today Show” the launch of the first and only site of its kind to separate gossip fact from fiction.

Since then we’ve reached a number of milestones, including 2 million unique visitors per month.

In fact, our online traffic now tops many of the long-established celebrity magazines we scrutinize every day.

Gossip Cop Racks Up 2 Million Unique Visitors For June

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Gossip Cop has reached another milestone, a full month before its second anniversary on July 29.

The site had more than 2 million unique visitors in the month of June!

“We’re on a roll,” says Gossip Cop founder and editor Michael Lewittes.

“We’ve got a TV show in the works, and with 2 million unique visitors a month, we’re crushing the tabloids who we police every day,” he adds.

Gossip Cop Announces Television Pilot



Gossip Cop is happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal to create a television pilot!

Based on our model of busting bad celebrity news, the television version of “Gossip Cop” is being produced with TV Guide Network and will be hosted by Beth Ostrosky Stern.

This site’s founder/top cop, Michael Lewittes, will executive produce the Gossip Cop TV project alongside co-founder Dan Abrams and Michael Hirschorn of Ish Entertainment.

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