Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu Arrested for Drunk Driving on Scooter

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Gerard Depardieu was arrested for drunk driving around Paris on a scooter on Thursday.

The French actor was taken into custody after reportedly crashing his vehicle and failing a sobriety test, according to local outlets.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Giggler Anderson Cooper Interviews Plane Urinator Gerard Depardieu

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Anderson Cooper interviewed Gerard Depardieu on “Anderson” today, facing the man whose public plane peeing led Cooper to lose it on the air (in a good way).

The strange saga has already produced parodies and radio gold, but it all led up to this epic conversation between the man who couldn’t control his bladder and the newsman who couldn’t control his giggles.

Anderson Cooper to Chat with Gerard Depardieu on New Talk Show


On his new talk show next week, Anderson Cooper will interview Gerard Depardieu, the French actor whose public pee party on a plane inspired Cooper’s epic on-camera giggle fit last month.

Gerard Depardieu’s Plane Peeing Parody Video



Gerard Depardieu has a sense of humor to go along with his small bladder.

The actor just released a video in which he both parodies his infamous plane peeing incident and promotes an upcoming movie.

Gerard Depardieu Plane Pal: Bottle I Gave Him Was Too Small For Pee



Gerard Depardieu’s travel companion Edouard Baer is spilling details about the actor’s public plane peeing.

On Tuesday night, the French star delayed a Paris-to-Dublin flight on the tarmac for two hours after he urinated on the CityJet cabin’s carpet.

The incident has been, um, pure gold for commentators.

In an interview with Europe 1 Radio, Baer explains what happened.

Anderson Cooper Can’t Control Giggles Over Gerard Depardieu Pee Incident



Anderson Cooper took aim today at Gerard Depardieu, who peed in a plane’s aisle in front of his fellow passengers. Check out the video of Cooper laughing uncontrollably as he mocked Depardieu through a series of urination puns.

Gerard Depardieu Pees in Plane Aisle

Truth rating: 10

French movie star Gerard Depardieu doesn’t take “non,” especially when he has to make “Oui, Oui.”

Last night, Depardieu was on a CityJet plane bound from Paris to Dublin when he was told during a delay on the tarmac that he needed to wait until takeoff before using the bathroom.

Apparently, the star didn’t feel like waiting, and instead just urinated in the plane’s aisle in front of his fellow passengers.

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