George Lopez

Malevo “America’s Got Talent” Video: George Lopez Uses Golden Buzzer For Dancing Drummers – WATCH!

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Maleo America's Got Talent Video


George Lopez used the “America’s Got Talent” Golden Buzzer for Malevo on Tuesday. Check out the video here!

George Lopez Gives Prince’s Family Money

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George Lopez Prince

George Lopez gave Prince’s family $20,000 for living expenses to hold them over until the singer’s estate is doled out to his various relatives.

George Lopez: Bill Cosby Gave Me Tips On Hooking Up With Female Fans (AUDIO)

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George Lopez Bill Cosby Howard Stern


George Lopez appeared on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” during which he claimed that Bill Cosby used to give him unsolicited tips on how to hook up with female fans. Listen to the interview audio here!

George Lopez Gets Phoenix Audience To Chant “F*ck” Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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George Lopez fuck Donald Trump


George Lopez went after Donald Trump while performing in Arizona on Saturday night, getting the audience at the Phoenix Celebrity Theatre to chant, “F*ck that puto” over and over. Puto is Spanish for a male prostitute. Watch the video here.

George Lopez In Talks To Replace Donald Trump On “Celebrity Apprentice” (VIDEO)

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George Lopez Replacing Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice


George Lopez is in talks to replace Donald Trump as the host of “Celebrity Apprentice,” Gossip Cop confirms. While some outlets are refuting the rumor, which was first reported by the New York Post, Gossip Cop is told by a source close to the situation that it’s actually true.

George Lopez Jokes About Drunken Arrest in Canadian Casino on Ellen (VIDEO)

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George Lopez joked on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” about his recent arrest for public intoxication at a casino in Canada.

Lopez, who was picked up by the cops for sleeping on the casino’s floor while drunk, explained to DeGeneres, “I was on my way to my room. I just missed it by 35 floors.”

Check out the video here!

George Lopez Arrested For Public Intoxication After Passing Out On Casino Floor (PHOTO)

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(Getty Images)


George Lopez was arrested for public intoxication at a casino in Canada on Thursday night.

The comedian apparently passed out on the floor at Caesars in Windsor after one too many drinks.

Check out the photo here.

CLAIM: Eva Longoria “Blasted” George Lopez Over Alleged Ex-Wife Diss

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“Fiery Eva Longoria blasted George Lopez and threatened to end their friendship after he took a nasty swipe at his ex-wife,” claims the National Enquirer.

The tabloid, which has a history of getting Longoria stories really wrong, claims the actress and Lopez “clashed” while serving on a committee for a celebration of Latino art and culture at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., although the Enquirer doesn’t bother giving an actual date for the supposed incident.

So what supposedly happened?

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