Charlize Theron on Sean Penn: “I’m A Very Lucky Girl… He’s Hot!”

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Charlize Theron Esquire

Charlize Theron opens up about her relationship with Sean Penn in the new Esquire cover story. She explains that they only became romantic after decades of friendship, and that it has made all the difference.

Will Smith: Jaden Has “One Pair Of Shoes,” Refuses To Be “Slave To Money”

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Will Smith Esquire

Will Smith reveals that despite his massive wealth, his son Jaden has only one pair of shoes and has basically rejected material possessions in a wide-ranging new Esquire interview. The actor also talks about his biggest failure, gun culture, his “psychotic” work ethic, and the best part about being famous.

Channing Tatum On Dancing Naked: “I’m Sorry That Ran Into Your Chin”

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Channing Tatum Esquire

Channing Tatum talks about dancing naked and learning to wrestle in a new Esquire cover story. The actor traces his unexpected rise to movie stardom, including his teenage years in Tampa, where he began to pick up dance moves.

Taylor Swift Talks Death Threats & Vicious Celebrity Culture: “I’m Not Gonna Let Them Make Me Have A Meltdown”

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Taylor Swift Death Threats

Taylor Swift opens up about the men who want to kill her and celebrities being “pushed to the brink of a public meltdown” in a revealing new Esquire interview.

She explains that her dating habits became a way for the media to knock her down a peg, because the press needs to find some kind of problem with every star they cover.

Chris Pratt, James Franco + MORE Stars Talk About Mentors For Esquire (PHOTOS)

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Chris Pratt Esquire Mentoring Initiative


Esquire asked 50 notable men to reflect on the people who helped drive their success as a part of the magazine’s new mentoring initiative.

Chris Pratt, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Hader, and Armie Hammer are among the stars who share stories about the men and women who changed their lives in order to show the positive effect a mentor can have on a child.

Check out their stories and photos here!

Chris Pratt Bought Anna Faris A Gun To Blow An Intruder’s “F**king Brains Out”

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Chris Pratt Esquire September 2014

Chris Pratt reveals he has a huge collection of 30 to 40 guns, and has even purchased a firearm for his wife Anna Faris.

Pratt tells the September issue of Esquire he bought Faris a gun in the event someone breaks into their home while he’s away, and it necessitates her “blowing their f**king brains out.”

Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart Drama: “Sh*t Happens… It’s Normal!”

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Robert Pattinson Esquire

Robert Pattinson jokes about his “love child,” shares a mortifying story about sex sweat, and gets candid about his romance with Kristen Stewart in the September issue of Esquire UK.

As Gossip Cop can attest, a lot — A LOT — has been said about Pattinson’s relationship with Stewart, which was infamously complicated by her cheating with Rupert Sanders.

In his Esquire cover story, Pattinson takes a light tone to the subject that has fascinated the tabloids and fans alike.

Heather Graham on Hollywood: “It’s a Sexist World and a Sexist Industry”

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(Getty Images)

Heather Graham opened up about her issues with Hollywood in a recent Esquire interview, sharing her thoughts about the entertainment industry’s treatment of women. According to the actress, who has had sex-themed roles on projects like The Hangover and an upcoming stint on “Californication,” the movie business is “totally sexist.”

Ashton Kutcher Tells Esquire: Some Of My Movies “F**king Suck Donkey”

(Getty Images)

Ashton Kutcher has no problem acknowledging that some of his films are far from the greatest movies ever made.

“I know exactly what films I’ve done that f**king suck donkey,” the actor admits in the March issue of Esquire. “And I know the ones that are good, that people like.”

Megan Fox on Lindsay Lohan: “I’m Not Interested in Following in Those Footsteps”



Megan Fox shows off her amazing post-baby body in the February issue of Esquire, where she opens up about fame, religion, and not wanting to follow in the path of troubled stars like Lindsay Lohan.

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