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Erin Barry

10 Most Shocking Breakups of 2010


Erin Barry Denies Tony Parker Affair


Erin Barry, Tony Parker’s former teammate’s wife and his allege sexting partner, has denied having an affair with him.

In her first statement since news of Parker’s divorce from Eva Longoria raised questions about infidelity, Barry strongly asserts that she and Parker were only friends.

“I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER,” Barry writes on her website.

Did Tony Parker Think Eva Longoria Was Cheating with Lance Armstrong?

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When Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker two weeks ago, and the world got wind of his inappropriate texting with Erin Barry, a slew of other rumors about Parker’s faithfulness began to surface.

But now the National Enquirer is claiming that Longoria may have strayed. Really? With whom?

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Hook Up at a Hotel in the Middle of the Day


Tony Parker said in a statement two weeks ago that he and Eva Longoria were going to discuss their “situation privately,” and today the two were spotted at an L.A.-area hotel doing just that over lunch.

By all accounts, they seemed to have had an “amicable” meal. So, are they possibly getting back together?

Tony Parker Files For Divorce From Eva Longoria; Full Behind-The-Scenes



Tony Parker has now filed for divorce from Eva Longoria in Texas.

According to Parker’s petition, “The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities” between him and Longoria, and there isn’t “any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

Of course, this is the latest in the couple’s ongoing divorce saga, which is shaping up to be a battle.

Tony Parker, Eva Longoria & Erin Barry in ‘Grease’ (Video)

(San Antonio Spurs)


Well, this is awkward.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria starred in a video spoofing “Summer Nights” from ‘Grease’ — along with Erin Barry, the woman at the center of their messy split.

Tony Parker Sets Record Straight on Divorce Rumors


Despite initial reports, Tony Parker now claims he knew well in advance that Eva Longoria was going to file for divorce yesterday.

According to Parker’s rep, “Eva and Tony have been discussing their situation privately,” and he was fully “aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles.” Really?

SOURCE: More to Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Split Than Text Messages

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Much has been made of the hundreds of text messages Tony Parker sent to Erin Barry, wife of his former teammate Brent Barry. And while we’ve confirmed the messages were inappropriately suggestive for a married man, they were not the sole cause of his and Eva Longoria’s breakup. So what was?

RUMOR: Tony Parker Allegedly Involved with Teammate’s Wife

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A rumor blowing up online claims Tony Parker was allegedly involved with former teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry, and that she is the “other woman” whose text messages Eva Longoria reportedly says she found on Parker’s phone.

Here’s what we know…

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