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Eric Stonestreet “The View” Video: I’m NOT Dating Bethenny Frankel

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eric Stonestreet The View


Eric Stonestreet denied he’s dating Bethenny Frankel during his appearance on “The View” on Wednesday. Watch here.

Kathie Lee Gifford, Eric Stonestreet Dating?

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Kathie Lee Gifford eric Stonestreet Dating


Are Kathie Lee Gifford and Eric Stonestreet dating? A report claims the widowed star is now pursuing the actor. Gossip Cop looked into the story, and found out whether it’s real or just rumor.

Noah Galvin Gay Hollywood Comments Spark Twitter Reaction

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Noah Galvin Gay Hollywood

Noah Galvin has sparked a strong reaction on Twitter after comments he made about being gay in Hollywood went viral on Thursday. Find out what’s going on here.

Jimmy Kimmel Hit With Paintballs By Eric Stonestreet To Settle World Series Bet (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Paintball Video Eric Stonestreet


Eric Stonestreet shot paintballs at Jimmy Kimmel while the talk show host stood in a bounce house on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” It was all to settle a World Series bet, which Kimmel obviously lost. Watch the funny video below!

Ellen DeGeneres Haunted House Video 2015: Watch Andy Lassner And Eric Stonestreet Get Scared Again!

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Ellen DeGeneres Haunted House Video 2015


Ellen DeGeneres made her producer Andy Lassner go through not one, but TWO haunted houses this year! Watch here!

“Ellen DeGeneres” Producer Andy Lassner And Eric Stonestreet Haunted House Video

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Andy Lassner Eric Stonestreet Haunted House Video


Andy Lassner was once again forced to go through a haunted house for Halloween, as seen on Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch here!

Jimmy Kimmel And Eric Stonestreet Make World Series Bet — WATCH VIDEO!

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Jimmy Kimmel Eric Stonestreet World Series Bet Video


Jimmy Kimmel and Eric Stonestreet made a “terrible” World Series bet on Monday. Check out the video here!

Bethenny Frankel Denies Dating Eric Stonestreet, Mocks New Couple Rumor

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Bethenny Frankel Eric Stonestreet Dating

Bethenny Frankel is denying a report claiming she and Eric Stonestreet are dating. It’s worth noting, however, that when asked about the new couple rumor, reps declined to comment to Gossip Cop. Find out more here.

VIDEO: Stephen Amell and Eric Stonestreet Play “Name That Thing” on Jimmy Kimmel

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Stephen Amell Eric Stonestreet


Stephen Amell and Eric Stonestreet squared off in a game of “Name That Thing” on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” It might seem simple. It might seem easy. But… well, it’s actually pretty simple and easy. Who won? Watch the video here!

VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Scares Hell Out Of Eric Stonestreet With Best Prank Yet

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Ellen Scaring Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet SLAMS Gene Simmons: You Were “D*ck” To My Mom On Plane!

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(Getty Images)

Eric Stonestreet claims Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were rude to his mother on a flight, but the KISS rockers say he’s got it wrong, and it seems as though everyone has now (kind of) made peace.

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