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Ellen DeGeneres

Anna Faris and Ellen DeGeneres Prank Call Chris Pratt — WATCH VIDEO!

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Anna Faris Prank Calls Chris Pratt Ellen DeGeneres


Anna Faris prank called her husband Chris Pratt during her appearance on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Faris and DeGeneres planned on giving Pratt a scare by pretending that the actress was in the midst of getting arrested, with the talk-show host playing the police officer.

Check out the hilarious video here!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Expecting Baby, Falsely Claims Star

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Portia De Rossi Pregnant Star Cover


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are expecting a baby, claims Star.

The new issue touts a supposed “world exclusive” that alleges the couple “are making preparations for their first baby.”

Get the exclusive TRUTH here.

VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Scares Hell Out Of Eric Stonestreet With Best Prank Yet

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Ellen Scaring Eric Stonestreet

VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Car Commercial

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Ellen DeGeneres Matthew McConaughey Commercial


Ellen DeGeneres says she was “cut out” of that weird Matthew McConaughey car commercial, and she thinks the original version including her was better.

Check out the video here!

VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres Stuns Tech-Savvy Little Kids With Old Technology

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Ellen Kids Technology


Ellen DeGeneres is a little freaked out by how technologically advanced young children are these days.

So she decided to see how well they’d do with the cutting-edge gadgetry of her youth.

VIDEO: Kevin Hart and Josh Gad Have Fierce Dance-Off On Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Kevin Hart Josh Gad Dance


Kevin Hart and Josh Gad went head to head in a dance-off on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Check out the video below!

Ellen DeGeneres Messes With Customers At First Dunkin’ Donuts In L.A. (VIDEO)

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Ellen DeGeneres Dunkin Donuts


Ellen DeGeneres messed with customers at Los Angeles’ first Dunkin’ Donuts on Wednesday, sending an audience member fitted with an earpiece to pose as an employee behind the counter — and to repeat whatever the host said.

Check out the video here!

Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres Sing World’s Worst “Let It Go” (VIDEO)

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Kristen Wiig Let It Go


Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres sang the world’s worst rendition of “Let It Go” on Monday.

Check out the video here!

WATCH: Little Boy From “Exasperated” Viral Video Has AMAZING Surprise Reunion With Military Dad On Ellen DeGeneres

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Exasperated Kid Ellen


When the Ellen DeGeneres Show” invited seven-year-old Trey, whose “exasperated” response to his mom’s pregnancy news recently went viral, he had no idea there was a big surprise in store for him.

Check out the video here!

VIDEO: “Apparently Kid” Noah Ritter Delights Ellen DeGeneres And The World

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Apparently Kid Ellen


Remember Noah Ritter, the so-called Apparently Kid?

Ellen DeGeneres loves the five-year-old viral star, and the newly minted kindergartener appeared on her show on Thursday.

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