Dr. Dre

Ice Cube Tells Howard Stern About Dr. Dre Reconciliation, “Hating” ‘Boyz N The Hood’ (AUDIO)

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Ice Cube Howard Stern Show 2016 Interview


Ice Cube revealed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” how he and Dr. Dre reconciled after years of not speaking, why he “hated” Boyz n the Hood the first time seeing it, and much more. Listen to audio from the interview here!

Suge Knight Wanted To Make Peace With Dr. Dre Before Murder Arrest For Hit And Run Of Terry Carter

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Suge Knight Dr Dre Hit Run

Suge Knight was supposedly on a mission of peace, to settle his differences with Dr. Dre, before he ended up running his truck over two men and being charged with murder. Sources in the rap mogul’s camp claim his presence at the scene of the crime was to make peace with Dr. Dre, with whom he’s feuded for years.

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