Dennis Quaid

Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid Getting Back Together Claim NOT True

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Meg Rryan Dennis Quaid Back Together


Meg Ryan is NOT trying to get back together with Dennis Quaid, despite reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the stories.

WATCH: Dennis Quaid Fake Meltdown Revealed To Be Funny or Die Video

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Dennis Quaid Funny Or Die


The “leaked” Dennis Quaid meltdown clip that felt an awful lot like a prank for a place like Funny Or Die has indeed turned out to be a mildly amusing Funny Or Die video. The truth was revealed on Wednesday. Watch here.

Dennis Quaid Meltdown Rant On Movie Set: Real Or Prank? (VIDEO)

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Dennis Quaid Meltdown


Dennis Quaid appears to have an on-set meltdown in a newly surfaced video showing the actor freaking out during a movie shoot, ranting explicitly in frustration about the “unprofessional” people around him. But it’s not clear whether Quaid snapped for real… or if it’s part of a prank. Watch the video here.

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