Death Hoaxes

Avril Lavigne “Mildly Amused” By Death Conspiracy

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Avril Lavigne Amused Death Conspiracy


Avril Lavigne is “mildly amused” by the reemergence of a bizarre conspiracy theory that wrongly claims the singer died 14 years ago, at the height of her career, and was replaced by her management by a look-a-like.

Avril Lavigne NOT Dead, Singer Victim Of Death Hoax Conspiracy

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Avril Lavigne Death Hoax

Avril Lavigne is not dead, nor was her death covered up several years ago, despite an absurd conspiracy that has once again returned and caused the singer’s name to trend on Twitter. It’s all untrue nonsense.

Betty White NOT Dead, Actress Victim Of Twitter Death Hoax

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Betty White Death Hoax

Betty White is not dead, despite a death hoax that began on Twitter and resulted in her name trending on the social media site. Gossip Cop can exclusively report it’s untrue.

Blake Shelton NOT Dead, Singer Mocks Death Hoax

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Blake Shelton Death Hoax

Blake Shelton is NOT dead, despite a made-up news report. The inaccurate story is yet another cruel death hoax.

Trevor Noah NOT Dead, Despite Death Hoax

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Trevor Noah Dead Death Hoax

Trevor Noah is NOT dead, despite a fake news story. The untrue article is yet another awful death hoax.

Mark Hamill Mocks Death Hoax: “Don’t Rush Me!”

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Mark Hamill Death Hoax


Mark Hamill is mocking a death hoax after a fake news report falsely claimed he died. See screengrab here.

Queen Elizabeth NOT Dead, Despite Twitter Hoax

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Queen Elizabeth Dead


Queen Elizabeth is NOT dead, despite a Twitter hoax leading many people to believe the 90-year-old royal had passed away. Gossip Cop can confirm that the Queen is alive and well.

Tony Hawk NOT Dead, Despite Twitter Death Hoax

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Tony Hawk Not Dead


Tony Hawk is NOT dead. But he is, however, the latest victim of a Twitter death hoax. Find out what happened here.

Britney Spears NOT Dead, Despite Twitter Death Hoax

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Britney Spears Not Dead

Britney Spears is NOT dead. She is, however, the victim of a Twitter death hoax after Sony Music and Bob Dylan’s accounts were hacked and falsely reported the pop star had died.

Hugh Hefner Dead Rumor NOT True

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Hugh Hefner Dead Twitter

Hugh Hefner was the victim of a death rumor on Twitter early Saturday morning. The fake news resulted in a flurry of tweets mourning the Playboy founder’s passing. But it’s not true. He has not died. The 90-year-old Hefner is still alive.

Kurt Cobain Alive Rumors NOT True

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Kurt Cobain Alive Rumor

Kurt Cobain is NOT alive, despite rumors spreading online. As hard as it is for some to accept, the Nirvana frontman is indeed dead and has been since 1994.

Jaden Smith Death Hoax Exploited By HollywoodLife

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Jaden Smith Death Hoax

Jaden Smith is alive and well. But HollywoodLife is exploiting a death hoax about the teen star, posting THREE stories about him being dead.

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