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Courtney Love Attacked And Held Hostage In Uber Riot In Paris, Says Kanye West Nearby — SEE PHOTOS AND VIDEO HERE

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Courtney Love Uber Riot Paris Photos Video


Courtney Love says she was attacked and held hostage during a riot over Uber in Paris on Thursday, and suggested Kanye West might’ve been caught up in the chaos, too. See photos and video here.

Courtney Love Says She Wrote Mocking Note Found in Kurt Cobain’s Wallet

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Courtney Love says she was the author of the recently discovered mocking note that was found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet when he died in 1994.

Read what she says here!

Courtney Love Mocked By Kurt Cobain In Newly Released Note: “She’s A ‘B*tch,” Using My Money For “Whoring”

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Courtney Love is mocked by Kurt Cobain in a newly-released note found at the scene of the rocker’s suicide.

The missive, obtained by CBS News, was found in the Nirvana front man’s wallet by the Seattle Police Department on April 8, 1994.

Although it was logged into evidence, it was never before made public until now.

Courtney Love: I Might Have Found Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Courtney Love thinks she may have found missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The airplane disappeared earlier this month while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, prompting an international search that has gripped the world’s attention as baffled investigators attempt to determine what happened to the vanished Boeing 777.

On Monday, Love posted her best guess.

Fall Out Boy Releases “Rat A Tat” Video Featuring Courtney Love – WATCH!

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Fall Out Boy released on Thursday the video for their song, “Rat A Tat,” and it features Courtney Love. The video is intense.

Check out the video here!

Aaron Sorkin NOT Dating Courtney Love, Despite Report

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(Getty Images)

Aaron Sorkin is romancing rocker Courtney Love,” reports the New York Post.

The outlet claims the mismatched pair “have been seeing each other for a few months.”

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