Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray Gets Max of Four Years

Conrad Murray


Conrad Murray was just sentenced to the maximum of four years of imprisonment.

Conrad Murray Documentary: Michael Jackson Was Broke, Regularly Wet Bed


The Conrad Murray documentary, which covers the two years from Michael Jackson‘s death through the doctor’s six-week involuntary manslaughter trial, aired in the U.K. on Thursday night, and it’s easy to see why the Jackson family vehemently protested MSNBC’s decision to air the film.

The documentary, Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship, paints a bleak picture of Jackson during his final days, and features a number of people bashing the legendary singer.

Jury Deliberating in Michael Jackson Involuntary Manslaughter Case


After 49 witnesses and hundreds of pieces of evidence, the seven-man, five-woman jury begins to deliberate today in the involuntary manslaughter case of Michael Jackson, and the role Dr. Conrad Murray played in the superstar’s death.

What’s agreed on is that Jackson died from a fatal dose of propofol.

What’s at issue is whether Murray, who admits he routinely gave Jackson the drug to sleep, administered the final, lethal injection and was negligent in his care of the singer.

Michael Jackson Paramedic Says Singer Could Have Been Saved


The paramedic who responded to Dr. Conrad Murray‘s 911 call on the day Michael Jackson died testified today that he may have been able to save Jackson’s life had Dr. Murray not waited to report the emergency.

EMT Richard Sendoff took the stand in Murray’s manslaughter trial, and told the court that the doctor withheld crucial information in the final, frantic moments of Jackson’s life.

Senneff testified that Murray told him he had called 911 the second he realized something was wrong with Jackson, when in reality Murray had waited 20 minutes.

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