Jamie Lee Curtis “Hissy Fit” At Comic-Con?

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Jamie Lee Curtis Hissy Fit Comic Con


Did Jamie Lee Curtis throw a “hissy fit” at Comic-Con? A report claims she went into a “rampage” at the convention. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation, and found out what really happened.

Taylor Swift NOT “Banned” From Attending Comic-Con With Tom Hiddleston, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Comic Con Tom Hiddleston


Taylor Swift was NOT “banned” from attending Comic-Con with Tom Hiddleston, despite a ridiculous new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim.

Jesse Eisenberg Compares Comic-Con To “Genocide,” Calls Press “Pariahs” (VIDEO)

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Jesse Eisenberg Genocide Comic Con


Jesse Eisenberg compared his Comic-Con experience to “genocide” and revealed he believes the press to be “pariahs” during a red carpet interview at the premiere of his new movie The End of the Tour. Watch the video here.

Ben Affleck Comic-Con Photos, Videos: Actor Wears Wedding Ring At First Post-Split Appearance For Batman Panel

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Ben Affleck Comic Con Photos Video 2015


Ben Affleck made his first post-split appearance at Comic-Con on Saturday, participating in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Panel. And he was noticeably wearing his wedding ring. See photos and videos here.

Seth Meyers Makes Comic-Con Zombies Traffic Joke — Two Days After Hit-And-Run

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Seth Meyers Zombie Joke


Seth Meyers joked about how Comic-Con fans dressed as “zombies” have to obey traffic rules during Monday’s “Late Night” — apparently unaware of the highly publicized accident this weekend when a car struck and injured a 64-year-old woman amid Zombie Walk chaos near the San Diego Convention Center.

Comic-Con Crash: Deaf Family Caught in Zombie March Hits Woman With Car

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Comic Con Zombie Accident


A 64-old woman was injured at Comic-Con on Saturday after a deaf driver caught in the festival’s annual ZombieWalk hit her with his car.

The terrible incident occurred around 5:30 p.m., about a half a mile from the convention center, where the man and his young children, who were also deaf, were stopped to let the march pass through.

The annual parade features participants dressed up and lurching as if they were zombies (see photo left), and when the man’s kids became scared, he tried to get out of the area.

Find out more here.

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