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Celebrities React: Hillary Clinton DNC Speech – Stars’ Twitter Reactions

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Celebrities React Hillary Clinton DNC Speech

Hillary Clinton gave a historic speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. Now celebrities are reacting to the momentous event. See stars’ Twitter reactions here.

Star React: Freddie Gray Cops Charges Dropped – See Celebrity Reactions

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Stars React Freddie Gray Cops Charges

Stars are reacting to prosecutors dropping charges against the three remaining Baltimore police officers who arrested Freddie Gray and were charged for their alleged role in his death. See celebrity reaction to the three cops not having to stand trial.

Celebrities React: Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine For Vice President

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Tim Kaine Vice President Reaction

Hillary Clinton officially picked Senator Tim Kaine to be her vice president. She announced the news on Friday night, and now celebrities are reacting. See stars’ reaction tweets here.

Celebrities React To Munich Mall Shooting

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Munich Shooting Reaction

A mass shooting took place in Munich on Friday. Now celebrities have once again taken to Twitter to express shock and sadness at yet another gun-fueled massacre. See stars’ reactions here.

Celebrities React: Donald Trump RNC Speech – Stars’ Twitter Reactions

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Celebrities React Donald Trump RNC Speech

Donald Trump delivered his big speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday, and now celebrities are reacting to his remarks. See stars’ Twitter reactions here.

Celebrities React: Charles Kinsey, Unarmed Black Therapist Shot By Police (VIDEO)

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Celebrities React Charles Kinsey


A black therapist named Charles Kinsey was shot by the police while caring for his autistic patient in Miami on Monday. And the incident was caught on video. Now, stars are reacting to the incident. See celebrity tweets here.

Stars React To Garry Marshall Death – Celebrity Reactions, Twitter Tributes

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Garry Marshall Dead Reaction

Garry Marshall died on Tuesday at the age of 81, and now stars are reacting to the death of the film and TV writer, director and producer. See celebrity reactions to Marshall’s death here.

Stars Celebrate Mandela Day – See Celebrity Tweets

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Stars Celebrate Mandela Day

It’s Mandela Day, and many stars are celebrating the holiday that recognizes Nelson Mandela’s accomplishments and also calls on the next generation to address the world’s social injustices. See celebrity tweets here!

Stars React To Baton Rouge Cops Shot – See Celebrity Reactions To Police Killings

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Stars react Baton Rouge cops

Celebrities are reacting to three police officers being shot dead in Baton Rouge on Sunday, and several more cops being injured. See the reactions being offered by stars to this latest wave of violence against the police.

Reaction To Scott Baio Speaking At Republican National Convention

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Scott Baio RNC Reaction

Scott Baio has been added to the list of speakers at the Republican National Convention, which begins on Monday in Cleveland, and now Twitter has weighed in on the choice of Chachi. See reactions here.

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