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Kim Kardashian Upset With Beyonce Story Was Made Up

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Kim Kardashain Upset Beyonce Robbery


A story claiming Kim Kardashian is upset with Beyonce was made up, Gossip Cop can confirm. Not surprisingly, it comes from a webloid that has been caught making up stories time and again.

Kelly Ripa NOT Hoping Michael Strahan Quits ‘Good Morning America,’ Despite Report

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Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan Quit GMA


Kelly Ripa is NOT hoping Michael Strahan quits his new job as co-anchor of “Good Morning America,” despite a bogus webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim.

North West, Blue Ivy Feud Claim Not True And Ridiculous

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North West Blue Ivy Feud

North West and Blue Ivy are not in a feud simply because Kanye West called out Jay Z, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the absurd story.

Beyonce, Lauryn Hill Feud Claim NOT True

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Beyonce Lauryn Hill Feud

Beyonce and Lauryn Hill are not in a feud, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational and speculative story.

RZA: Russell Crowe Spit At Azealia Banks

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RZA Russell Crowe Spit Azealia Banks

RZA admitted in a new interview that Russell Crowe spit at Azealia Banks during their altercation at a dinner party last week, but he still defended the actor and maintained that Banks initiated the fight. In a subsequent Facebook post, the rapper further detailed how the incident occurred.

Kanye West “Pop Style” Rant: Jay Z Didn’t Reach Out After Kim Kardashian Robbery

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Kanye West Pop Style Rant Video


Kanye West went on a surprising rant about Jay Z on Wednesday, sparked by a failed collaboration called “Pop Style.” Among his claims was that his pal hasn’t reached out since Kim Kardashian was robbed. Watch here.

Sarah Jessica Parker On ‘Howard Stern Show’: Kim Cattrall Feud Rumors Are False (AUDIO)

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Sarah Jessica Parker Howard Stern Show


Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” during which she denied rumors of a feud with Kim Cattrall. Listen to a highlight from the interview here!

Nicki Minaj: I Did NOT Slam Kanye West Over “Gold Digger” Lyrics

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Nicki Minaj Kanye West Gold Digger

Nicki Minaj is shooting down claims that she “slammed” Kanye West over the lyrics to “Gold Digger.” Gossip Cop can help clear up the misconception.

Gwen Stefani “Jealous” Of Miranda Lambert?

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Gwen Stefani Jealous Miranda Lambert

Is Gwen Stefani “jealous” of Miranda Lambert? A report claims the two singers have become career rivals. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

Cher NOT Feuding With Chaz Bono, Despite Report

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Cher Chaz Bono Feud


Cher is NOT feuding with her son, Chaz Bono, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim.

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