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Hugh Hefner Dead Rumor NOT True

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Hugh Hefner Dead Twitter

Hugh Hefner was the victim of a death rumor on Twitter early Saturday morning. The fake news resulted in a flurry of tweets mourning the Playboy founder’s passing. But it’s not true. He has not died. The 90-year-old Hefner is still alive.

Louis Tomlinson Mom Dead: Celebrity Condolences

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Louis Tomlinson Mom Condolences

Louis Tomlinson is receiving condolences on the death of his mother. See stars’ reaction tweets and tributes here.

Fans React: Louis Tomlinson’s Mom Dead At 42

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Louis Tomlinson Mom Dead

Fans are reacting to the shocking news that Louis Tomlinson’s mom has died at age 42. See reactions here.

Celebrities React: John Glenn Dead At 95

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John Glenn dead

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, died Thursday at the age of 95. Celebrities are now reacting to the death of the legendary spaceman. See stars’ tweets, tributes and reactions here.

Gloria Estefan: Fidel Castro Death “Can Only Lead To Positive Change”

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Gloria estefan Fidel Castro Death

Gloria Estefan reacted to the death of Fidel Castro with a long message reflecting on the controversial leader’s effects on the Cuban people. Read it here.

Celebrities React: Fidel Castro Dead At 90

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Celebrities React Fidel Castro Dead

Celebrities are reacting to the death of Fidel Castro. See stars’ reaction tweets here.

Fidel Castro Dead 9 Years After Perez Hilton Reported Cuban Leader’s Death

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Fidel Castro Dead

Fidel Castro died late Friday, a full nine years, three months and one day after Perez Hilton first reported the Cuban dictator’s death. Castro was 90 years old. The news of the Communist leader’s actual death was officially announced by his brother Raul on Cuban TV.

Florence Henderson People Magazine Tweet Slammed

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Florence Henderson People Magazine


People magazine is getting slammed for a tweet about the late Florence Henderson and “The Brady Bunch.” See photos here.

Celebrities React: Florence Henderson Dead At 82

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Reaction Florence Henderson Dead

Celebrities are reacting to the death of Florence Henderson. See stars’ reaction tweets and tributes here.

Celebrities React: Sharon Jones Dead At 60

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Sharon Jones Dead

Celebrities are mourning Sharon Jones, who died at age 60 on Friday. See stars’ tribute tweets here.

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