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Arsenio Hall BLASTS Brian Williams For ‘Hijacking Valor’ From Military: ‘F*ck Him!’

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Arsenio Hall Brian Williams Tweet

Arsenio Hall BLASTED Brian Williams on Twitter on Friday, hours after the journalist’s first interview about his NBC scandal was broadcast on the “Today Show.” See Hall’s take on the situation here.

Brian Williams: “Ego” Made Me Lie, Suspension Was “Torture” (VIDEO)

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Brian Williams Today Show Interview Video


Brian Williams’ first interview about his NBC suspension and demotion in the wake of lying about his involvement in an Iraqi war incident aired on Friday’s “Today Show.” Watch here.

Brian Williams Apologizes After Lester Holt Is Announced As NBC Nightly News Anchor

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Brian Williams apology MSBC

Brian Williams apologized on Thursday for fabricating some of the events during a 2003 trip to Iraq, after which he falsely stated that he was aboard a Chinook helicopter caught in enemy fire. Williams’ apology came as NBC News announced that Lester Holt would permanently replace him as “NBC Nightly News” anchor. See statement here.

Tom Hanks Not Giving Acting Lessons To “Suicidal” Brian Williams, Despite Report

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Tom Hanks Brian Williams


Tom Hanks is not giving Brian Williams acting lessons nor is the newsman “suicidal” following his suspension from NBC after embellishing accounts in Iraq, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story, which was published in a tabloid this week. We’re told the claims are “not true.”

Brian Williams Suspended From NBC Nightly News For Six Months — Statement

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Brian Williams Suspended

Brian Williams has been suspended from “NBC Nightly News” for six months. The announcement was made on Tuesday night, several days after the news anchor admitted he fabricated a story about being hit while in a helicopter in Iraq. See statement.

Katie Couric Slams Rumor She Wants Brian Williams’ NBC Nightly News Job

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Katie Couric Brian Williams

Katie Couric has shot down a report claiming she’s gunning for Brian Williams’ job as the “NBC Nightly News” anchor finds himself embroiled in controversy after admitting his oft-repeated story about taking enemy fire while in a helicopter in Iraq in 2003 was fabricated. Couric took to Twitter on Monday to dispel rumors.

Brian Williams Leaving NBC Nightly News For “Several Days” Amid Controversy

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Brian Williams Hiatus

Brian Williams has announced that he’s taking a brief hiatus from anchoring duties on “NBC Nightly News.” The decision comes as the anchor finds himself in a firestorm of criticism following his admission that a story he’s repeated for more than a decade, about supposedly coming under attack while in a helicopter in Iraq in 2003, is not true.

Brian Williams Told Inconsistent Stories About Saving Puppies From Fire

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Brian Williams Puppies

Brian Williams is under scrutiny after admitting he made up a story about being in a helicopter that took enemy fire in Iraq, with critics going back and looking for other inconsistencies in the newsman’s public proclamations.

Rosie O’Donnell Slams Brian Williams For “Lance Armstrong Lie” About Helicopter (VIDEO)

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Rosie ODonnell Brian Williams Lie


Rosie O’Donnell slammed Brian Williams on Thursday’s “The View,” blasting the newsman for spending a decade repeating a made-up story about how he was in a helicopter that took enemy fire in Iraq, and calling his sin a “Lance Armstrong lie.” Her colleague Whoopi Goldberg defended Williams. Watch the video here.

Brian Williams Admits He Made Up Story About Helicopter Being Shot Down In Iraq

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Brian Williams Lied


Brian Williams has admitted that he was not on a helicopter forced down by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003, despite NBC News and Williams both repeatedly making the claim for years. The news anchor was forced to recant his story after crew members of one of the Chinook helicopters that did get hit by rockets and small arms fire on March 24, 2003, took issue with Williams after he repeated his false claim during a military tribute at last Friday’s New York Rangers hockey game.

VIDEO: Brian Williams And Jimmy Fallon “Slow Jam The News” With Sex Jokes About Obama And Immigration

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Brian Williams Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam The News Video


Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon performed yet another classic “Slow Jam The News” on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” As Gossip Cop has reported, the recurring bit features the veteran journalist delivering the news in hilarious musical form accompanied by Fallon and The Roots. This edition was extra special, as it celebrated Williams’ 10th anniversary as the “NBC Nightly News” anchor. Watch here!

Brian Williams: TV Reporter Was NOT Peeing In Snow! (VIDEO)

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Brian Williams Reporter Peeing Snow


Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel was caught “urinating in the snow” on live TV, Us Weekly and a bunch of other outlets wrongly reported in recent days. According to the speculation, Seidel was allegedly caught relieving himself during a live shot on “NBC Nightly News” over the weekend.

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