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Breaking Bad Esurance Super Bowl Commercial: Watch Walter White’s Return!

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Esurance Breaking Bad


Bryan Cranston revived his most beloved/feared character, Walter White of “Breaking Bad,” for an Esurance commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Watch the video here!

Aaron Paul RIPS Toys “R” Us For Pulling Breaking Bad Dolls After Mom’s Petition

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Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Toys R Us

Aaron Paul took to Twitter on Thursday to BLAST Toys “R” Us for pulling “Breaking Bad” toys from the shelves.

As Gossip Cop reported, the children’s toy store came under fire recently for selling figurine versions of Walter White with a fake gun and crystal meth and Paul’s Jesse Pinkman character with a hazmat suit and gas mask.

Since then, Toys “R” Us has said the dolls are going on an “indefinite sabbatical.”

See Paul’s reaction here, and tell us what you think.

Breaking Bad Dolls Sold At Toys “R” Us With Fake Gun And Crystal Meth (VIDEO)

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Breaking Bad Dolls Toys R Us


Toys “R” Us is under fire for selling “Breaking Bad” dolls inspired by the violent, drug-fueled AMC series.

The critically-acclaimed show, which aired it series finale last year, revolved around Bryan Cranston’s chemistry teacher turned meth maker. And that’s exactly what’s available for sale in the children’s toy store — a figurine version of Walter White that comes complete with a fake gun, fake cash, and a backpack filled with fake crystal meth (see photo left).

Bryan Cranston Skypes With Dying Teenage Breaking Bad Fan (VIDEO)

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Bryan Cranston Dying Fan


Bryan Cranston recently made a special Skype connection with “Breaking Bad” fan Brad Joyner, who is terminally ill with cancer.

The 19-year-old Joyner had been hoping to meet Cranston ever since he received his diagnosis six months ago.

Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul — See First Photo and Renewal News!

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The first set photo from “Better Call Saul” was unveiled on Thursday.

And that’s not all…

Bryan Cranston to Write Memoir About His Years on Breaking Bad for 2015 Release

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(Getty Images)

Bryan Cranston isn’t moving on from “Breaking Bad” so quickly.

The actor has signed a deal with Scribner to write a memoir about his time on the hit AMC series.

Get the details here!

WATCH: Shocking TV Moments of 2013

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(AMC/Huffington Post)


What were the most shocking moments on television in 2013?

Viewers were on the edge of their seat for dramas like “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” this year, while “Downton Abbey” and “Pretty Little Liars” also provided some stunners.

Walter White Is Malcolm in the Middle Nightmare in Breaking Bad Alternate Ending (VIDEO)

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What if Walter White’s meth-fueled rise to power and fatal downfall was all a bad dream?

That’s the premise of an official “Breaking Bad” alternate ending, where Bryan Cranston’s “Malcolm in the Middle” character wakes in the middle of the night after a bizarre nightmare.

Walter White Obituary Runs in Albuquerque Journal – See “Breaking Bad” Obit!

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An obituary for Walter White, the fictional meth kingpin of “Breaking Bad,” appeared in Friday’s edition of his hometown Albuquerque Journal.

Breaking Bad Series Finale: See Celebrity Reactions From Twitter Here!

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The long-awaited and highly-anticipated “Breaking Bad” series finale aired on Sunday.

After much build-up, fans finally got to see what became of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

So, how is the Twitterverse reacting?

Check out the celeb tweets here!

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