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Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown Had Seizures When Doctors Tried To Bring Her Out Of Coma

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Bobbi Kristina Seizures Coma

Doctors attempting to bring Bobbi Kristina Brown out of her coma by taking her off certain medications have been forced to re-induce the coma because Brown began to have seizures. As Gossip Cop reported, medical personnel at the Georgia hospital where Brown is fighting for her life had decided to gradually end her coma in order to have a better idea of her status and prognosis. Not long afterwards, though, Brown began to seize, and doctors opted to put her back on the sedatives.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Being Taken Out Of Coma: Report

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Out of Coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown is being slowly taken off the medication that keeps her in a medically induced coma, according to a new People report. The 21-year-old is NOT being taken off life support.

Bobby Brown Delays Tour To Stay With Bobbi Kristina As She Fights For Life

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Bobby Brown Tour

Bobby Brown has delayed his upcoming tour in Australia to spend more time with his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, still fighting for her life in a Georgia hospital. The performer had shows scheduled for March with special guests Treach and Kay-Gee from Naughty by Nature. The ticketing company Ticketek has announced those dates have been postponed to May because of Bobbi Kristina’s medical emergency.

Nick Gordon EXPLODES On Bobby Brown For “Death Threats” And Only Wanting Whitney Houston’s Money

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Nick Gordon Twitter Bobby Brown

Nick Gordon blasted Bobby Brown on Monday, tweeting that despite claims he’s made no effort to see Bobbi Kristina Brown and has avoided talking to the police about the circumstances that led to her currently on life support, he’s actually been to the hospital and spoken to the cops, even without a lawyer present. He also alleges that Brown was an absentee dad, who’s now only looking to get his hands on Whitney Houston’s money.

Nick Gordon Allegedly Refuses To Talk To Police About Bobbi Kristina

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Nick Gordon Police

Nick Gordon has reportedly refused to cooperate with law enforcement officials investigating the circumstances of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical crisis.

Nick Gordon: “I’ll Meet The Conditions” Set By Bobby Brown To See Bobbi Kristina If He “Can Guarantee I Can See Her 24/7”

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Nick Gordon Bobby Brown Hospital Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordon now says that he’s willing to “meet the conditions” set by Bobby Brown to see his girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown in the hospital, but the former New Edition singer has to “guarantee me that I can see her 24/7.” Gordon went on to say in his latest round of tweets on Sunday, “I can’t wait till [Bobbi Kristina] wakes up and dismiss all of the negative thoughts. There is a reason why her mom made me promise to look after her.”

Bobby Brown Denies Banning Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown Boyfriend Fires Back

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Bobby brown Nick Gordon Statements

Bobby Brown and Nick Gordon are engaging in a war of words over Bobbi Kristina Brown, and whether Gordon is allowed to visit her. Both sides released dueling statements on Sunday morning slamming the other party. See here.

Nick Gordon: If Bobbi Kristina Brown Hears My Voice “She Will Wake Up”

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Nick Gordon Hospital Tweet Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordon is now openly pleading to see Bobbi Kristina Brown in the hospital, having tweeted at Bobby Brown on Saturday, “Let me in the hospital to see my girl and let her hear my voice SHE WILL WAKE UP!!!” Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend further begged on social media, “If she hears MY voice let me massage her, play her favorite music I believe it will help.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown Used Heroin, Other Drugs Before Medical Crisis: Report

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Bobbi Kristina Heroin

Bobbi Kristina Brown was allegedly under the influence of drugs when she was found unconscious in her bathtub three weeks ago, according to People. The outlet cites multiple sources close to Brown who says the 21-year-old “regularly used” heroin, cocaine and Xanax in the months leading up to her medical emergency.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Fake Photos: National Enquirer Publishes Shameful “Murder” and Bathtub Recreation Shots

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Bobbi Kristina Bathtub Photo

The National Enquirer’s cover is even more shameful than usual this week, with a despicable photo “recreation” showing a fake “Bobbi Kristina Brown” face down in a bathtub in order to illustrate the magazine’s theory that she was “dragged to [the] bath” as part of a “staged suicide scene.” With the real Brown in a coma and fighting for her life, the tabloid decided to publish a grisly, completely speculative account of what the Enquirer calls her “murder.”

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