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Jennifer Lopez: I Let The “Beast Loose” To Get To Next Level

Truth rating: 10

Jennifer Lopez opens up about her new album, revived career and future plans in a Billboard cover story.

“Things have changed so much for me,” she tells the magazine. “I had to really do some soul searching and just realize a lot of things about love, and now I feel like I come from a place where I’m stronger and, I think, better.”

Iggy Azalea: “Lorde Is Not Kurt Cobain’s Peer” — Nirvana Tribute Was Inappropriate

Truth rating: 10

Iggy Azalea doesn’t think Lorde should have been part of the tribute to Kurt Cobain at Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction this spring.

“Nothing against her, but I think when you’re doing a tribute to someone that’s dead, generally it should be the person’s peer,” she tells Billboard. “Lorde is not Kurt Cobain’s peer. No matter if she killed the performance or not, I just don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Katy Perry: I’ve Seen Kacey Musgraves Naked

Truth rating: 10


Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves share the new Billboard cover and will soon be on tour together, but their familiarity doesn’t end there.

Perry has seen Musgraves naked.

“A couple of times,” Musgraves tells the outlet. “And it won’t be the last.”

Miranda Lambert Laughs Off Blake Shelton Tabloid Rumors: We’ve Had Five Sets of Twins and Four Divorces!

Truth rating: 0

Miranda Lambert laughs off tabloid rumors about her and Blake Shelton in a new Billboard cover interview.

“I think I’ve had like five sets of twins in the last two years, and we’ve been divorced four times, and one of us had a $100 million divorce,” jokes the singer.

Ed Sheeran Talks Sex Symbol Status, Getting Cheated On In Billboard

Truth rating: 10

Ed Sheeran covers the new issue of Billboard, and opens up about the legion of female fans he’s amassed over the last year while getting betrayed by one girl in particular.

“I don’t see myself as a sex symbol, but if other people do, I’m not going to complain,” the British musician tells the magazine.

See more here.

Shakira: Boyfriend Gerard Pique Won’t “Let Me” Do Music Videos With Men Anymore

Truth rating: 10

Shakira’s baby daddy Gerard Pique won’t “let” her do music videos with men anymore, and the singer says that’s fine by her.

In a Billboard cover story, “The Voice” coach reveals she asked the soccer player for permission to film her steamy “Can’t Remember to Forget You” music video with Rihanna.

See Shakira’s explanation here.

One Direction Tops Billboard “21 Under 21” Rankings of Hottest Young Music Stars

(Getty Images)


One Direction tops the annual Billboard 21 Under 21 rankings of the world’s “most powerful” young music stars — or, as the magazine creepily puts it, “hottest minors.”

Check out the full “21 Under 21” list here!

Christina Aguilera: Tabloids Are “Trash,” Blogs Make “Everyone A Critic”


Christina Aguilera lashed out at the tabloid media and slammed the increase of hateful, anonymous blogs at the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film, TV and Music Conference on Thursday.

“The Voice” coach and performer said she’s been able to successfully balance both her career and her personal life by avoiding what she calls the “trash” on the Internet and in magazines.

Lana del Rey Tour Canceled In Wake of Panned SNL Performance?

Truth rating: 2
(Getty Images)

Lana del Rey’s tour has been postponed in the wake of the chanteuse’s disastrous ‘SNL’ appearance last month,” reports the New York Post.


Adele: My Next Album Is Years Away

Truth rating: 10

Fans of chart-topping Adele will have to savor her album “21″ for a while longer.

The “Someone Like You” singer tells Billboard magazine that she hasn’t written any new music and doesn’t plan to release a new record for at least two years.

“I imagine I’ll be 25 or 26 by the time my next record comes out, as I haven’t even thought about my third record yet,” the 23-year-old reveals.

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