Shawn Mendes Slams Billboard For “Fans Don’t Know Him” Misquote

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Shawn Mendes Billboard Fans Quote

Shawn Mendes slammed his own Billboard cover story on Thursday after the magazine sold it as an article about “how his fans don’t truly know him.” The singer insisted on Twitter he was misquoted and never expressed that point of view.

Blake Shelton On Donald Trump: “A Lot Of People Are Pulling For Him”

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Blake Shelton Donald Trump President

Blake Shelton seems to express support for Donald Trump as president in his new Billboard cover story. While he doesn’t outright endorse the Republican nominee, he does highlight what he sees as some of Trump’s attributes. See the quotes here.

Celebrities Sign Gun Control Letter To Congress

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Celebrities Sign Billboard Open Letter

Hundreds of celebrities have signed Billboard magazine’s open letter calling on Congress to pass gun control legislation. See the full list here of stars advocating for the prevention of gun violence.

Simon Cowell On One Direction: “I Don’t Know If It’s A Hiatus Or A Breakup”

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Simon Cowell Breakup One Direction Hiatus Billboard

Simon Cowell says a lot of nice things about One Direction in his new Billboard cover story, but one comment is sure to have fans worried. See the interview here.

Zayn Malik: One Direction Ignoring Me (VIDEO)

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Zayn Malik Billboard

Zayn Malik says he has been ignored by his former One Direction crew since leaving the group. The singer reveals in a new cover feature with Billboard that he has reached out to several members of the band, but has not received a response from any of them. See the video here!

Nicki Minaj: I’m Not “Convinced” Hillary Clinton Should Be President

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Nicki Minaj Hillary Clinton president


Nicki Minaj is not “convinced” Hillary Clinton should be president. Nor did the singer hold back with her thoughts about Donald Trump and President Obama in the cover story of Billboard’s No. 1’s issue.

Taylor Swift Is Billboard’s Top Artist Of 2015

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Taylor Swift Billboard 2015 awards

Taylor Swift is Billboard magazine’s Top Artist of 2015. The honor was announced on Wednesday in a post about the publication’s Year in Music issue. The magazine also awarded Swift with Album of the Year for her smash hit 1989.

Selena Gomez Rates Her 2015 An Eight: “A Lot Of Ups And Downs”

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Selena Gomez Rates 2015 Billboard

On a scale of one to 10, Selena Gomez says she would rate her 2015 an eight. Find out why here!

Hillary Clinton Praises Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez In Billboard Essay

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Hillary Clinton billboard women music

Hillary Clinton feels Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez are “something ­special.” The Democratic frontrunner praises those two artists and a number of other Billboard Women in Music 2015 honorees in an essay she penned for the magazine.

Lady Gaga Billboard Woman Of The Year Interview: I Nearly Quit Music Business

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Lady Gaga Billboard Woman Of Year Interview


Lady Gaga nearly quit the music business last year, but the 2015 Billboard Woman of the Year is now revealing how she was able to overcome some of her darkest moments and take her career to a new level. See video here.

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