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Star Trek: Voyager Star Robert Picardo: NO Gay Affair With Bill Nye The Science Guy

Robert Picardo Bill Nye

“Star Trek: Voyager” actor Robert Picardo is denying his estranged wife’s allegations that he’s in a gay relationship with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

WATCH: Bill Nye Debate Creationism with Ken Ham — FULL VIDEO

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(Creation Museum)


Bill Nye, speaking on behalf of science, will debate Ken Ham of the Creation Museum in a much-hyped debate at the venue on Tuesday.

The event will be live streamed at approximately 7 p.m. right here.

Who Got Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars? (VIDEO)



“Dancing with the Stars” shed its third contestant on Monday night.

See who was sent packing here!

Bill Nye Hospitalized After Suffering Dancing with the Stars Injury

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Bill Nye suffered an injury on “Dancing with the Stars,” Gossip Cop confirms, and has reportedly been hospitalized.

A rep for ABC tells us, “Bill Nye was injured during his performance last night and is currently seeking medical attention.”

Shia LaBeouf Kisses Bill Nye the Science Guy (VIDEO)



Shia LaBeouf kissed Bill Nye the Science Guy at the S.E.T. Awards in Beverly Hills last week.

You read that correctly.

Bill Nye The Science Guy Death Hoax

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Bill Nye is the latest victim of a death hoax.

The sick rumor was started on Twitter late Sunday until a “R.I.P. Bill Nye The Science Guy” topic began trending, which in turn spawned thousands of messages mourning his supposed death.

It is 100% false.

Nye is NOT dead.

Bill Nye Victim of Death Hoax

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Bill Nye is the victim of a death hoax.

The scientist, who gained fame as “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on educational series and news broadcasts, is the subject of a Twitter rumor claiming he died on Wednesday.

Nye is NOT dead.

He’s alive and well.

Bill Nye Victim of Death Rumors

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Bill Nye is the victim of BOGUS death rumors.

The popular science guy trended on social media like Twitter this morning, leading to claims that he’d passed away.

But Nye is NOT dead.

He’s alive and well.

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