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George Lopez: Bill Cosby Gave Me Tips On Hooking Up With Female Fans (AUDIO)

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George Lopez Bill Cosby Howard Stern


George Lopez appeared on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” during which he claimed that Bill Cosby used to give him unsolicited tips on how to hook up with female fans. Listen to the interview audio here!

Kevin Hart Tells Google: Stop Mistaking Me For Bill Cosby! (PHOTO)

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Kevin Hart Bill Cosby Google Net Worth


Kevin Hart would like Google to know that he is not Bill Cosby. Find out what’s going on here!

Bill Cosby Drops Beverly Johnson Defamation Lawsuit

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Bill Cosby Beverly Johnson Defamation Suit Dropped

Bill Cobsy dropped his defamation lawsuit against Beverly Johnson on Thursday. The comedian’s lawyers have requested that a judge temporarily dismiss his case against the former supermodel so they can instead focus on Cosby’s pending criminal proceedings.

Dr. Drew Testifies For Janice Dickinson In Bill Cosby Defamation Lawsuit: She “Speaks The Truth”

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Dr Drew Janice Dickinson Bill Cosby

Dr. Drew testified on behalf of Janice Dickinson in her defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby. The former supermodel alleges she was slandered by Cosby, who claims she’s lying about being sexually assaulted by him. On Friday, Dr. Drew told a California Superior Court judge that he believes Dickinson is telling the truth about the comedian’s alleged crime.

Bill Cosby Sues Sexual Assault Accuser Andrea Constand For Breach Of Contract

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Bill Cosby breach contract lawsuit

Bill Cosby is suing Andrea Constand, one of his sexual assault accusers, for breach-of-contract for violating the confidentiality agreement the two signed in 2005. Constand, as Gossip Cop has previously reported, accused Cosby of drugging her in January 2004. At the time, the district attorney found “insufficient” evidence to criminally prosecute the comedian, but now that more than 50 women have come forward in the past year, the Constand case has been revisited, and after being questioned by prosecutors, Cosby feels she’s violated their confidentiality agreement.

Kanye West: “Bill Cosby Innocent!”

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Kanye West Bill Cosby Innocent

Kanye West says Bill Cosby is “innocent.” The rapper doesn’t care how many women have come forward, what’s been sworn under testimony, “BILL COSBY INNOCENT,” he tweeted on Tuesday. He gave no indication as to how he came to that conclusion.

Chloe Goins Drops Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby Drops Lawsuit Bill Cosby

Chloe Goins dropped her sexual assault lawsuit against Bill Cosby on Tuesday, though she could refile it at a later date. Find out the latest developments here.

Bill Cosby Accuser Renita Hill’s Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

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Bill Cosby Renita Hall Defamation Lawsuit

Bill Cosby accuser Renita Hill had her defamation lawsuit against the comedian thrown out on Thursday after a federal judge in Pennsylvania determined it was under the protection of the First Amendment when his camp implied she was a “liar” and “extortionist.” Find out more here.

R. Kelly Defends Bill Cosby: “No Woman” Can Prove He’s Guilty Of Sexual Assault

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R Kelly Defends Bill Cosby

R. Kelly defends Bill Cosby in a new interview in which the singer insists “no woman” can prove that the comedian is guilty of sexual assault. He also says he finds it “strange” the claims have emerged decades after the alleged incidents.

Bill Cosby Criminal Charges Dismissed In Playboy Model And Teenage Girl Sexual Assault Cases

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Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Charges Dropped

Bill Cosby will not face criminal charges for the alleged sexual assaults of Playboy model Chloe Goins and another unidentified woman who claimed the comedian raped her in 1965, when she was 17 years old. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office rejected both lawsuits on Wednesday, due to insufficient evidence and the statute of limitations running out.

Bill Cosby Is “Not Guilty” And Won’t Take Plea Deal, Says Attorney (VIDEO)

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Bill Cosby Not Guilty Attorney Video


Bill Cosby is “not guilty” of sexual assault and won’t take any kind of plea deal, his attorney said on the “Today” show on Thursday. Watch here.

Bill Cosby And Chloe Goins In Settlement Talks Over Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Boll Cosby Chloe Goins

Bill Cosby might be able to dodge another criminal case. The comedian is reportedly in settlement talks with Chloe Goins, who previously filed a civil lawsuit on October 6 in which she accused Cosby of sexual assault.

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