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Ben Stiller

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Extended 6-Minute Trailer — Watch Here!

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(20th Century Fox)


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has a new six-minute trailer.

Ben Stiller stars as a hapless daydreamer who decides to start living.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer: Watch Ben Stiller Daydream

(20th Century Fox)


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty stars Ben Stiller in a remake of the musical fantasy about a timid photo magazine manager who escapes into his own daydreams.

Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn, and Adam Scott also star in the visually intriguing movie.

Check out the trailer here!

Demi Lovato Yells at Ben Stiller On Street: “Buy My New Album!” (VIDEO)



Demi Lovato is doing whatever she can to spread the word about her new album Demi — even if it means screaming at Ben Stiller on the street.

Check out the video here!

Jennifer Aniston “Hating On” Ben Stiller’s Wife Christine Taylor, Says Mag

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Jennifer Aniston is “hating on” Ben Stillers wife, Christine Taylor, reports Star.

The mag claims Aniston’s fiancé, Justin Theroux, is “desperate” for the women to “become BFFS,” but the actress “just isn’t feeling the love.”

How come?

WATCH: Kristen Bell Tells Penis Joke On Bachelor Spoof Burning Love Episode 4



Ben Stiller has released the latest episode of “Burning Love,” his Yahoo! “Bachelor” spoof starring Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell and (formerly) Jennifer Aniston as contestants on a dating series.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Planning “New Year’s Elopement”?

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“Jen’s Secret New Year’s Elopement!” reads a headline from OK! magazine, which claims Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are planning to tie the knot in upstate New York some time this week.

A so-called “insider” for the tab divulges, “They are both incredibly excited; Jen can’t believe it’s actually happening!” noting, “They’re writing their own vows, and she’s already rewritten hers countless times.”


Brett Ratner: I “Banged” Olivia Munn A Few Times (VIDEO)



Well, here’s something you don’t usually see during movie promotional tours.

SPOOF: Clinton Foundation “Celebrity Committee” Meeting (VIDEO)

(Funny or Die)


Bill Clinton’s birthday bash included many Hollywood stars, but the real action was going on behind the scenes, where an elite team of celebrities brainstormed new ideas for the Clinton Global Initiative.

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