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Barack Obama

VIDEO: President Obama Accidentally Calls James Franco “James Flacco”

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James Flacco


President Obama accidentally called James Franco “James Flacco” during his comments on North Korea and the Sony hacking situation on Friday. The mistake came during Obama’s end-of-the-year press conference. See video of the moment here.

Obama: Sony Made “Mistake” Pulling The Interview From Theaters, U.S. Will Respond “Proportionally” To North Korea (VIDEO)

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Obama Sony Hacking US response North Korea


President Obama addressed the press corps on a wide range of topics on Friday, but talked at length about the North Koreans’ hacking of Sony and what he thought of how the film company handled it and how the U.S. will respond.

Check out the video here!

President Obama: People Should Still “Go To The Movies,” Despite Threats (VIDEO)

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President Obama Sony Hackers Threats Statement


President Obama says Americans should still “go to the movies,” despite threats of attacks on theaters throughout the country. The Commander-in-Chief made the comments in an ABC sit-down with David Muir before Sony announced it would no longer release The Interview in cinemas. Watch the video below.

President Obama Opens Up About Racial Profiling: I’ve Been Mistaken For The Valet

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President Obama Racism People Interview

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama open up about their experiences with racism in a new interview with People. The President and his wife sit down with the magazine for an in-depth interview each year, and the latest installment features the couple addressing racial profiling in the wake of the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Scott Stapp Allegedly Thought He Was Supposed To Kill President Obama For CIA

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Scott Stapp Obama Assassination

Scott Stapp, the troubled former Creed singer, allegedly believed he was a CIA agent tasked with assassinating President Obama during his psychological meltdown last month.

Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin Apologize For Racial Emails About President Obama

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Amy Pascal Scott Rudin Emails

Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin have apologized for racially insensitive remarks about President Obama contained in a series of emails stolen by hackers and then leaked as part of Sony’s hacking scandal.

VIDEO: President Obama Takes Over The Colbert Report, Hilariously Spars With Host

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Obama Colbert


President Obama took over for part of Monday’s “The Colbert Report,” kicking Stephen Colbert out of his seat and doing his version of the recurring Colbert bit “The Word,” only he changed it to “The Decree.”

Scott Stapp: I’m Broke and Homeless Because I Criticized President Obama

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Scott Stapp Obama


Scott Stapp says he is homeless and facing financial ruin because he criticized President Obama. During a radio interview on Thursday, the former Creed singer claims the IRS decided to destroy him after he publicly expressed disappointment in Obama during a Fox News interview in 2012.

VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Does Hilarious Taylor Swift-Barack Obama “Shake It Off” Mashup

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Obama Taylor Swift Shake It Off Mashup Video


Jimmy Fallon hilariously mocked President Obama on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” around the same time it was revealed Republicans dominated the midterm elections.

And, amazingly, Taylor Swift was involved.

Watch here!

Kanye West: Kim Kardashian And I Met With President Obama — We’re Voting Democrat In Midterm Elections

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(Getty Images)


Is the great Kanye West-President Obama feud over?

That seems to be the case, after West indicated he’s in the President’s corner in a series of tweets sent Tuesday night encouraging people to vote in the midterm elections.

See here.

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