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Ariana Grande “Pregnant” Tweet Sent By Associated Press, AP Apologizes

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Ariana Grande Pregnant Tweet


The Associated Press is apologizing for sending a tweet claiming Ariana Grande is pregnant. See screengrab here.

Madonna NOT Adopting Two Children From Africa, Despite Report

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Madonna Adopting Kids Malawi Africa

Madonna has NOT filed for the adoption of two children from Malawi, Africa, despite an inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can help clear up the situation.

Michael B. Jordan Wants A “Creed” Sequel: “It Would Be Exciting To Come Back”

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Michael B Jordan Creed Sequel

Michael B. Jordan is already game for a Creed sequel. Check out the actor’s new interview here!

Sandra Bullock: I Did NOT Adopt Second Child (VIDEO)

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Sandra Bullock Adopted Second Child October 2015


Sandra Bullock did NOT adopt a second child, despite widespread rumors. See video here.

Amal Clooney “Actor’s Wife”: Associated Press Slammed For Tweet About Human Rights Lawyer (PHOTOS)

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Amal Clooney Actor's Wife Associated Press


The Associated Press is getting slammed for sending a tweet that referred to Amal Clooney as “actor’s wife,” despite her successful career as a human rights lawyer. See screengrabs and reactions here.

WATCH: Bill Cosby Refuses To Address Rape Allegations, Demands Associated Press Not Air Interview

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Bill Cosby Rape Associated Press Interview Video


Bill Cosby refused to address the rape accusations against him in an interview earlier this month with the Associated Press, and then demanded the exchange be cut from the broadcast. The outlet released the previously unseen footage on Wednesday, in the wake of mounting sexual assault allegations against the star. Watch here.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Wedding Prompts City Closures In Venice

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Amal Alamuddin George Clooney Wedding Venice Walkways

George Clooney’s upcoming wedding to Amal Alamuddin has prompted Venice officials to close certain areas of the city as a safety precaution.

City officials have ordered the closure of the walkway facing Venice’s Grand Canal on Monday to keep crowds from gathering near the nuptials.

Find out more here.

Chris Brown: “I Might Be My Own Worst Enemy”

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Chris Brown Post-Jail Interview

Chris Brown admits he may be his “own worst enemy” in a new interview about his sordid past and his hopefully brighter future.

The singer’s long-delayed album X was finally released last week, roughly three months after he got out of jail for a probation violation.

Brown now suggests his pattern of repeatedly getting into trouble may be a form of self-sabotage.

See what the performer says here.

Ariana Grande: Justin Bieber And I Never Completed Teased Duet For My New Album — But “We Owe It To Our Fans”

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Ariana Grande Interview

When Ariana Grande’s My Everything is released next month, one teased song will be noticeably absent: a duet with Justin Bieber.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, the stars hit the studio together back in May to record special music, but Grande now says they never finished the track.

Charlie Hunnam: Why I Left Fifty Shades of Grey, And Why Its Critics Are Wrong

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Charlie Hunnam 50 Shades of Grey

Charlie Hunnam says it was “pretty heartbreaking” last fall when he backed out of playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, but he insists there’s no salacious secret behind his exit.

In his first extensive interview about leaving the project, Hunnam candidly opens up to the Associated Press, admitting, “I don’t think people have had unchaperoned access to me since all of this went on.”

See what he reveals here!

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