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Amanda Bynes ‘All That’ Snub: Actress Not Invited To Reunion Show

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Amanda Bynes All That Reunion

Amanda Bynes was not invited to participate in Nickelodeon’s upcoming “All That” reunion show, despite the troubled actress launching her career with the ’90s sketch comedy series. Producers have reportedly snubbed her from joining the rest of the cast for a special in which they’ll fondly remember the kids show.

Amanda Bynes NOT In Talks For Dancing With The Stars, Despite Claim (EXCLUSIVE)

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Amanda Bynes Dancing with the Stars


Amanda Bynes is NOT in talks for “Dancing With The Stars,” despite a wrong report in this week’s tabloids. A source close to the production exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the story is false.

Amanda Bynes Reportedly Doing Better, Lucid and Off Medications

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Amanda Bynes Doing Better

Amanda Bynes is reportedly doing better. The actress is said to no longer be manic or behaving erratically.

Amanda Bynes Apologizes For Causing Her Family Pain: “I Am Doing My Best To Get Better” — SEE STATEMENT HERE

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Amanda Bynes Apology Statement

Amanda Bynes is apologizing for saying she wanted to murder her parents in a disturbing audio that leaked online. As Gossip Cop reported, the troubled star’s former roommate recorded her talking about how she wants to slit her dad’s throat and cut her mom’s wrists. After the shocking recording was posted by TMZ, reportedly in an attempt to get health professionals to see Bynes’ current state, she took to Twitter to insist she was joking. See her new statement here.

Amanda Bynes: I Was “Joking” About Wanting To Kill My Parents

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Amanda Bynes Killing Parents

Amanda Bynes says she was “joking” when she fantasized about murdering her parents in a disturbing rant recorded by friends and posted at the urging of Bynes’ concerned loved ones. In a series of tweets on Saturday, Bynes explained that she was just kidding when she went into graphic detail about thoughts of slitting her dad’s throat and her mom’s wrists.

Amanda Bynes: I Think About Killing My Parents (LISTEN)

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Amanda Bynes Kill Parents


Amanda Bynes fantasizes about killing her parents in disturbing new audio recordings taken by one of the troubled former actresses’ roommates earlier this month. According to TMZ, members of Bynes’ family wanted the audio posted and publicized so as to prompt the intervention of medical health professionals.

Heidi Montag To Homeless Amanda Bynes: Come Stay In My Guest House

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Amanda Bynes Homeless

Amanda Bynes says she can’t afford a place to live right now, but a surprising housing invitation has been made from an unlikely source.

On Thursday, Heidi Montag offered the troubled, apparently homeless star a place to stay.

See here.

Amanda Bynes’ Parents To Surrender Conservatorship To Mental Health Professional

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Amanda Bynes New Conservator

Amanda Bynes’ parents plan to hand the conservatorship over their troubled daughter to another party. TMZ reports that Rick and Lynn Bynes will surrender their legal authority over the former actress’ life, passing it over to a mental health professional with more experience handling individuals who have severe mental illnesses.

Amanda Bynes: I’m Bipolar and Manic Depressive

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Amanda Bynes Bipolar

Amanda Bynes acknowledges that she is bipolar and manic depressive. The former actress tweeted about her condition early on Tuesday, a few days after she was released from a psychiatric facility. This is the first time Bynes has confirmed she has a disorder.

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Upheld; Troubled Star Fails To Show In Court

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Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Upheld

Amanda Bynes’ attempt to end her parents’ legal conservatorship over her has failed. On Friday, a judge in Los Angeles ruled that Lynn and Rick Bynes still possess legal control over their troubled daughter’s decisions and money, despite her early release from a psychiatric facility and subsequent Twitter rant vowing to end the conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes “Enraged,” Slams Parents & Again Accuses Dad Of Sexual Abuse In New Twitter Rant After Early Psych Release

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Amanda Bynes Twitter Rant

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter, making serious allegations and vowing to prove that her parents have tricked the world into thinking she needs mental health care. As Gossip Cop reported, the former actress was released from a psychiatric facility in Los Angeles on Thursday after convincing staffers there that she was well enough not to be held involuntarily.

Amanda Bynes Released From Psychiatric Facility Early, Wanders Sunset Strip

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Amanda Bynes Released

Amanda Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility on Thursday after being held for two weeks of observation and treatment. She then wandered the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, looking for lodging.

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