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Alex Jones

Radio Host Alex Jones Calls for Angelina Jolie’s Arrest for “War Crimes” (VIDEO)



Alex Jones, the conspiracy-minded talk show host and filmmaker, is calling for the arrest of Angelina Jolie for alleged war crimes.

The startling charge comes in a new video posted by Jones in response to Kony 2012 and the larger movement to raise awareness about brutal Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Charlie Sheen: “We Are at War” (AUDIO)



Charlie Sheen just won’t keep quiet.

One day after his blistering rant that killed “Two and a Half Men,” the troubled star called in to Fox Sports Radio and host Pat O’Brien – himself a recovering substance abuser.

Was Sheen more thoughtful and polite after a good night’s sleep?

Uh… not exactly.

Listen to Charlie Sheen Rant from “The Alex Jones Show” (AUDIO)



Charlie Sheen imploded today, unleashing an epic rant that halted production of “Two and a Half Men,” possibly for good.

But while it’s one thing to READ about what Sheen said on “The Alex Jones Show,” the experience of HEARING it can’t be matched.

Charlie Sheen Rants About Chuck Lorre, “Trolls,” AA and the Vatican

Truth rating: 10

Charlie Sheen went off during a radio interview today, ranting about everything from “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre to Alcoholics Anonymous in an epic diatribe you HAVE to see.

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