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Alex Jones

Radio Host Alex Jones Calls for Angelina Jolie’s Arrest for “War Crimes” (VIDEO)



Alex Jones, the conspiracy-minded talk show host and filmmaker, is calling for the arrest of Angelina Jolie for alleged war crimes.

The startling charge comes in a new video posted by Jones in response to Kony 2012 and the larger movement to raise awareness about brutal Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Charlie Sheen: “We Are at War” (AUDIO)



Charlie Sheen just won’t keep quiet.

One day after his blistering rant that killed “Two and a Half Men,” the troubled star called in to Fox Sports Radio and host Pat O’Brien – himself a recovering substance abuser.

Was Sheen more thoughtful and polite after a good night’s sleep?

Uh… not exactly.

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