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Madonna: France, Rest Of Europe “Feels Like Nazi Germany” With Rising Intolerance

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Madonna France Nazi Germany


Madonna compares modern France and other European countries to Nazi Germany in a new interview about intolerance in the region. The pop star’s comments aired on Friday as part of a chat with the French radio station Europe 1. Listen to her remarks here.

WATCH: Madonna Falls Down Steps During Brit Awards Performance (VIDEO)

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Madonna Brit Awards Fall


Madonna took a nasty fall Wednesday while performing her new single “Living For Love” at the 2015 Brit Awards in London’s O2 Arena. During the song, a dancer yanked on Madonna’ extra-long cape, causing the 56-year-old singer to tumble backwards down a flight of steps. Check out the shocking video here!

Madonna: Lady Gaga “Blatantly Ripped Off” My Song, But We’re NOT Enemies

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Madonna Lady Gaga Rolling Stone

Madonna sets the record straight about her relationship with Lady Gaga in a new interview, explaining why she doesn’t hate Gaga like many have assumed she does. See here.

Madonna Grammys VIDEO: Watch “Living For Love” From 2015 Grammy Awards!

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Madonna Grammys Living For Love


Madonna performed “Living For Love” at the Grammys on Sunday. Watch her performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards in the video here!

Madonna Is Matador Surrounded By Sexy Horned Hunks In “Living For Love” VIDEO

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Madonna Living For Love


Madonna has debuted her “Living For Love” music video. It features the pop star in a matador costume, surrounded by sexy minotaurs. Watch the video here.

Madonna Accused Of Exploiting Charlie Hebdo Tragedy To Promote Rebel Heart

Madonna Charlie Hebdo


Madonna is being accused of using the recent events in Paris, surrounding Wednesday’s massacre at satirical publication Charlie Hebdo, as an opportunity to promote her music. Many observers believe the pop star is exploiting the situation for her new album Rebel Heart, while her fans counter that Madonna is simply lending her voice to the outrage over the situation in France. What do you think?

Madonna: I’m Sorry For Photoshopped Pics Of Black Leaders In Rebel Heart Posts, But My Fans and I Are NOT Racist!

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Madonna Racist

Madonna has apologized after posting a series of Photoshopped images of black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela to promote her upcoming album Rebel Heart.

Madonna Slammed For Photoshopping Black Leaders’ Pictures To Promote Album

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Madonna Martin Luther King Jr Controversy


Madonna sparked controversy on Friday when she photoshopped pictures of iconic black leaders and posted them on social media to promote her upcoming album Rebel Heart.

See the photos here.

Madonna NOT Trying To Get Sean Penn Back, Despite Report

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Madonna Sean Penn


Madonna does NOT want Sean Penn back, despite a ridiculous new report from the National Enquirer. Gossip Cop can exclusively but the story, which alleges that Madonna has called Penn the “love of her life” and is “determined to get him back.”

Madonna Rants: I’m “Discriminated” Against, But I Won’t “Shut Up”

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Madonna Instagram Rant

Madonna went on a tirade on Instagram late Saturday, ranting about discrimination, feuds with other women, and her leaked music. Read the full message here.

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