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Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986, the first child of Dina and Michael Lohan, who would go on to give the star three younger siblings, Michael Jr., Cody, and Aliana. Lohan’s parents had a stormy marriage, and continued to battle publicly and privately even after their 2007 divorce.

Lohan’s career kicked off when she began modeling at just three years old, before doing dozens and dozens of commercials. Following a turn on the soap opera “Another World,” her big break came when she was cast in the dual lead roles for the 1998 remake of “The Parent Trap,” playing twins opposite Dennis Quaid. Lohan received high praise, and went on to star in a number of teen-friendly films, including “Freaky Friday,” “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” and “Mean Girls.”

In 2004, Lohan released her first single, “Rumors,” and her debut album, “Speak,” which went all the way to number four on the Billboard 200 chart. But following several more films and another record, Lohan’s career started to derail in 2006 with personal and professional problems that led to a 30-day stint in rehab in early 2007. Just a few months later, the actress was arrested for DUI. She again entered treatment, was released after 45 days, and had a second DUI fewer than two weeks later, during which she was also caught possessing cocaine.

After a guilty plea, Lohan was placed on three years probation, went to rehab for a third time, and while ordered to spend a day in jail, ultimately served just 84 minutes due to overcrowding. Lohan’s probation was extended in 2009 after she failed to complete required counseling, and her career continued to suffer due to sporadic projects that failed to find any success. In 2010, a judge determined Lohan had violated her probation, and ordered her to serve 90 days in jail, of which she only ended up behind bars for 14. She was also supposed to spend 90 days in rehab, but left after 23 days.

After a failed drug test later that year, Lohan once again entered rehab, staying at the Betty Ford Center for three months. In early 2011, Lohan was arrested for allegedly stealing a necklace, and after pleading no contest, she was sentenced to 120 days in jail, but ended up doing 35 days of home detention instead. Months later, Lohan was again ordered to jail for a probation violation, but spent only five hours locked up.

Lohan seemed on the brink of a comeback in 2012, with a Playboy spread and a well-received turn as “SNL” host. But a car accident on her way to filming the TV movie “Liz & Dick” ultimately led to charges of reckless driving and lying to police. She pleaded no contest, and was sentenced to 90 days in rehab. Upon her release in 2013, Lohan filmed a reality show for Oprah’s OWN network, documenting her attempts to rebuild her life. It aired in 2014, and Lohan revealed on the finale that she had suffered a miscarriage in the months before.

With her last film, “The Canyons,” ripped by critics, Lohan set her sights on the stage, and made her West End debut in “Speed-the-plow” in the fall of 2014. She completed the run without incident. Lohan nevertheless remains a tabloid target, and is routinely romantically linked to various people, even though she hasn’t seriously dated anyone since Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay Lohan Did NOT Beg Uber Driver To Hang Out With Her, Despite Report

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Lindsay Lohan Uber Driver Hang Out


Lindsay Lohan did NOT beg an Uber driver to hang out with her, despite a tabloid rumor. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim.

Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Stolen At Friend’s Wedding

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Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Stolen


Lindsay Lohan had some pricey jewelry stolen from her while attending a wedding in Florence on Saturday, a friend of the actress exclusively tells Gossip Cop. Get the details here.

Lindsay Lohan Did NOT Drink “Herself Into Oblivion” At Bar, Despite Report

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Lindsay Lohan drunk


Lindsay Lohan did NOT drink “herself into oblivion” at a New York divebar, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor.

Fox News To Lindsay Lohan: You ARE A Cocaine Addict!

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Fox News Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Lawsuit

Fox News is firing back at Lindsay Lohan, after the actress sued the network earlier this year for defamation. Get the latest details here.

Lindsay Lohan Completes Community Service; Expected To Be Off Probation

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Lindsay Lohan Community Service

Lindsay Lohan has finally completed her community service, with one day to spare. Back in February, Lohan was hit with an additional 125 hours of community service when a judge didn’t count more than half the time Lohan’s team said she had completed. There were questions three months ago about how Lohan clocked the hours. Now, there’s no disputing that Lohan worked eight-hour shifts for a number of weeks at Duffield Children’s Center, a nursery school in Brooklyn, and has paid her debt to society.

Lindsay Lohan: Arabic Mistake Was “Inside Joke”

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Lindsay Lohan Arabic Joke

Lindsay Lohan now claims she knew all along that her Arabic mistranslation earlier this week was wrong, and that it was an inside joke. So… take that for what it’s worth.

Lindsay Lohan Messes Up Arabic Phrase, Accidentally Tells Fans, “You’re An Ass!”

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Lindsay Lohan Donkey


Lindsay Lohan meant to send an inspirational Arabic message, but wound up inadvertently insulting everyone. On Tuesday, the actress shared an Instagram picture of a phrase in the foreign language, along with her own translation, “You’re beautiful.” But as a number of Arabic speakers are pointing out, Lohan’s phrase actually translates to, “You’re a donkey.” Or, even more bluntly, “You’re an ass.” Oops.

Lindsay Lohan Posts Boob Photo: “Show It While You Got It” — SEE PICTURE HERE

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Lindsay Lohan Boob Instagram Photo


Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she has boobs. The starlet took to Instagram to show off her breasts, or at least one of them. See the full picture here.

Lindsay Lohan Uses N-Word On Instagram, Deletes It

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Lindsay Lohan N Word

Lindsay Lohan is under fire for using the N-word on social media before deleting it. The actress included the explosive phrase in a post about seeing Kanye West perform in Paris on Tuesday, then deleted it when fans began to question her judgment.

Lindsay Lohan Slapped With 125 More Community Service Hours; Judge Throws Out Questionable Time Already Served

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Lindsay Lohan More Community Service

Lindsay Lohan got slapped with another 125 hours of community service on Wednesday, after the judge in the actress’ probation case decided not to count more than half of the time Lohan already completed.

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