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Cheryl Tiegs

Cheryl Tiegs Calls Celebrity Apprentice “Mean-Spirited” (VIDEO)

(Wendy Williams Show)


Freshly eliminated from “Celebrity Apprentice,” Cheryl Tiegs appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Monday, calling the Donald Trump reality series “mean-spirited.”

“I don’t like bullying in high school, let alone as an adult and setting that example,” Tiegs told the host.

Cheryl Tiegs First to Be Fired on New Celebrity Apprentice

Truth rating: 10

The fifth season of “Celebrity Apprentice” kicked off on Sunday, and featuring a new cast made up of reality stars, singers, actors and more.

Ryan O’Neal is not having a ‘Love Story’ with Cheryl Tiegs

Truth rating: 2

In a piece titled, “Love Story II: Ryan O’Neal looking for happy endings with Cheryl Tiegs,” the National Enquirer claims, Tiegs “comforted grieving Ryan” at the funeral of his longtime love Farrah Fawcett, and over the past year since then, their friendship has grown into a “full-blown love affair.” Really?

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