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Katherine Jackson: Paris Didn’t “Want to Live” After Michael Jackson’s Death

(60 Minutes Australia)


Paris Jackson didn’t “want to live” after her dad Michael died, Katherine Jackson says on “60 Minutes Australia.”

In her first television interview since her granddaughter’s suicide attempt in June, Katherine connects the event to Michael’s shocking passing in 2009.

“When Michael died, Paris was screaming and crying and saying, ‘I want to go with you daddy, I don’t want to live without you,'” she recalls.

Hugh Jackman Breaks Down Talking About Father on “60 Minutes” (VIDEO)



Hugh Jackman appeared on Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” where he became emotional talking about his upbringing.

The Les Miserables star opened up about being raised by his father after his mother left them and his siblings when he was just 8 years old.

Watch here!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About Affairs, Secret Child: “I’m Not Perfect”

Truth rating: 10


Arnold Schwarzenegger copped to having more than one affair during his full “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday, but admitted to not “dwelling” on his past mistakes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: My Affair Was “Stupidest Thing I’ve Done” (VIDEO)



In an upcoming interview with “60 Minutes,” Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about his tumultuous split from Maria Shriver, and the secret affair that ended their marriage.

WATCH: Adele Sings Post-Surgery



Adele is showing off her vocal prowess for the first time since undergoing throat surgery.

In a clip from Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” the singer wows Anderson Cooper with an a cappella rendition of her hit “Rolling in the Deep.”

Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie “Still a Bad Girl”



Despite her humanitarian work and six children, Angelina Jolie still retains a portion of her former wild ways, according to Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie Sued For Allegedly Stealing Movie Idea

Truth rating: 10

Angelina Jolie‘s directorial debut, “In The Land Of Blood And Honey,” has yet to hit theaters, but it continues to cause a stir – for the wrong reasons.

James Braddock, a journalist and author of the book The Soul Shattering, has accused the A-lister of copyright infringement in a recently filed lawsuit.

Site Keeps Trying to Force Feud Between Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus

Truth rating: 0

HollywoodLife is obsessed with spreading the idea that Taylor Swift habitually slams Miley Cyrus for being a poor role model.

Site Twists Taylor Swift Interview Into Slam on Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

Truth rating: 0


Once again, HollywoodLife tries to start a feud and just embarrasses itself.

The site, which would rather create controversy than cover actual news, wants to inflame some kind of Taylor Swift-Miley Cyrus war, and uses a clip of Swift’s appearance on “60 Minutes” to do so.

And… it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Brad Pitt Says He’ll Quit Acting in 3 Years

Truth rating: 5

Is Brad Pitt leaving the acting game?

Asked how long he’d like to continue acting onscreen in an interview with Australia’s “60 Minutes,” the Moneyball star said definitively, “three years.”

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