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Tab Tries to Break Up Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Truth rating: 2

By Daniel Gates



Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are “hanging on by a thread,” according to Star, experts in tailoring false rumors.

“The newlyweds are fighting over everything,” Star declares, with “insiders” telling the rag, “It’s already all but over between them.”

So what happened?

Um, apparently they argued over who should give whom a back massage.

No, really. The tab’s “insider” says Khloe “threw a huge fit” when Odom wouldn’t rub her back after he returned from a preseason game, then tearfully “confessed her marriage was already on the rocks” the next day at her mother’s house. Oh, and Odom also committed the cardinal sin of “enjoying the attention” as he posed for photographs with female fans at a subsequent Lakers game. Kardashian was “noticeably absent.”

Star conveniently leaves out the fact that Kardashian was busy guest hosting “The View” across the country.

And when the two do appear together, as they did in West Hollywood just two days ago, Star says it’s because they’re “putting up a front that all is fine.”

Gossip Cop doesn’t know whether their marriage is Camelot, but we do know you shouldn’t put much stock in Star‘s threadbare speculation. Odom is a star athlete whose season is about to begin, and Kardashian is a TV personality with obligations on both coasts. They’re going to spend time apart.

A rep for Kardashian assured Gossip Cop the report is “absolutely not true,” and also observed that when Kardashian forgot to bring her laptop to New York last week, she ran to Apple at 1:00 am after landing so she and Odom could iChat.

No word yet on an iMassage.


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