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Tab makes bad move with claim that Jennifer Aniston asked Gerard Butler to shack up

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By Michael Lewittes


Gossip Cop has to give the National Enquirer some credit. While the supermarket tab is not always the most reliable source of celebrity reporting, it may be among the most imaginative.

In a piece titled, “Jen & Gerard Moving In Together,” the Enquirer reports, “Jennifer Aniston’s rekindled love affair with ‘300’ hunk Gerard Butler has shifted into overdrive – she’s asked him to move in with her!”

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to the gossip rag, “During a recent whirlwind, champagne-fueled weekend of flirting and public kisses, Jennifer propositioned Gerard with an offer too good to refuse.”

“Gerard could barely contain his excitement when Jen suggested that he move into her Beverly Hills mansion… Before the words, ‘move in with me,’ were out of Jen’s mouth, Gerard shouted, ‘Yes!’”


That NEVER happened, and they are NOT moving in together.

While the rest of the world inaccurately jumped on the Aniston reuniting with Brad Pitt bandwagon, the Enquirer chose to go in another (equally wrong) direction with Butler.

Gossip Cop’s checking in with sources about the Aniston-Butler rumor was met with responses of “Huh? “No!” and even one “What’s wrong with you?”

Additionally, a rep for Aniston told Gossip Cop, “Nonsense. They are buddies – not dating.”

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