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Star mag’s claim about Katie Holmes $15 million tell-all on Tom Cruise is worthless

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By Michael Lewittes

(Star Magazine)

(Star Magazine)

“Katie’s $15 Million Tell-All” screams the cover of this week’s Star, which claims that Katie Holmes “is prepared to pen an explosive and embarrassing expose” of her life with Tom Cruise if she doesn’t get her way on a number of alleged issues.

The tabloid, which erroneously reported in August that Jessica Simpson was writing a kiss and tell, now states that it has “insiders” who say that “on Nov. 18 – the third anniversary of her wedding to Tom – the couple’s 100-page marriage contract expired.”

“Expired?” “Nov. 18?”


How could the magazine have been sent to the printers on November 16, yet quote “insiders” in the past tense about having “expired” today — “Nov. 18?”

Now that we know the story is fabricated, let’s enjoy some of the magazine’s made-up details.

*A source on the set of “The Romantics” says Holmes told Cruise “that it’s over!”

*Holmes, reports the Star, wants more money if she’s going to support Scientology, as well as a larger clothing allowance, help with her career, and a cash bonus for a second child.

*”They have separate bedrooms on separate wings of the house,” says a supposed source.

*Cruise, according to a so-called insider “sleeps on his back, because he says it helps prevent him from getting [wrinkle] lines on his neck and around his eyes. He even puts pillows on either side of himself so he can’t roll over!”

*Despite being health conscious, Tom “binges” on Twinkies, milkshakes, chocolate bars, and Gummi bears, but tells people “the treats are for Suri” when they’re really for him.

And of course, claims the Star, Holmes will dish on all of this and publish private pictures if she doesn’t get what she’s asked for.

Although the Star’s credibility “expired” right from the beginning of this piece, we still reached out to Cruise’s rep, who told Gossip Cop: “This is complete nonsense, without truth and utter garbage.”


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