Suri Cruise Has Her Own Personal Assistant?

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By Michael Lewittes


“Bottles, pacifiers, $1,700 Dolce & Gabanna bags and now her own personal assistant?” begins a piece about Suri Cruise on HollywoodLife, which claims Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ four-year-old daughter has hired help to whom she gives “orders.”

The site uses one photo of Holmes and her daughter walking with an unidentified man as evidence that the child has her own “personal assistant.” Of the photo, HollywoodLife writes, “The man to the right is not only holding Katie’s purse, but he is keeping a tight grip on spoiled Suri’s lollipop,” adding, “This is absurd/hilarious!”

The site then comments that Cruise and Holmes should “re-evaluate their daughter Suri’s situation,” noting there’s “no need for their almost 5-year-old daughter to be escorted around by an assistant who is there to cater to her every beck and call.” So, does Suri really have her own employee? Absolutely not.

Actually, the only thing that is “absurd/hilarious” is how HollywoodLife based its entire story on what it imagined was going on in the photo. Gossip Cop, however, expended two full minutes to fact-check the story, and far from the guy being Suri’s personal assistant, the man pictured is really Holmes’ security, her rep confirms to us. Once again, the only child’s play here is what goes on in the offices of HollywoodLife.

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