TAB: Suri Cruise Having “Emotional Struggle” Over Tom and Katie Split

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By Michael Lewittes


“Suri’s Emotional Struggle,” blares a sensationalized headline from Life & Style, which claims six-year-old Suri Cruise is “reeling” from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce.

As evidence of the child’s so-called “emotional struggle,” the mag goes on to cite a recent instance when Suri had a meltdown because Holmes wouldn’t let her buy a puppy at a New York City pet store. The psychologists over at Life & Style offer, “Although kids are known to cry when they don’t get what they want, Tom Cruise’s daughter is clearly having an overwhelmingly difficult time in the wake of her parents’ split.”

Adds the tab, “The ordinarily happy child has been spotted bursting into tears or throwing tantrums almost daily while out in NYC with her mom.” Really? When?

In one of these supposed incidents, Suri allegedly “began crying” at lunch with Holmes’ design partner, Jeanne Yang, because Yang paid the bill. “She was sobbing because she wanted her mom to pick up the check!” claims a “fellow diner.”

What?! Sorry, but that NEVER happened. Children hardly notice details like who’s paying the check because they’re children. Life & Style just made up that story because it has NO proof to back up its allegations about Suri supposedly having tantrums every day in New York. In fact, the child is smiling and laughing in a number of photos the mag uses in its piece.

Anyway, the tab goes on to get at the “root” of Suri’s perceived issues, saying, “Suri simply misses her father.” Um… Suri and Cruise have been together in New York all week. Cruise’s lawyer even BLASTED the mag’s cover claim about him having “abandoned” Suri, calling the story “a disgusting and vicious lie.” This story is just a disgraceful attempt to use a six-year-old in order to sell magazines about Cruise and Holmes’ split.

Of course, divorce is always difficult on children, but fortunately Suri is young and her parents have been taking care to keep her life as normal as they can under the circumstances. A Holmes insider tells Gossip Cop it’s completely “not true” that Suri is having any sort of emotional problems in the wake of her mom and dad’s split.

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