Suri Cruise’s “Lonely Life” Fabricated by Sad, Clueless Tabloid

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By Daniel Gates


In Touch continues its baffling war on six-year-old Suri Cruise this week. The tabloid’s history of making things up about the little girl is extensive.

In Touch has wrongly claimed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes bought Suri a $100,000 tree house, falsely reported she was writing a children’s book, and inaccurately alleged she’d been given a pony and diamonds for Christmas.

But what the mag really loves to do is report about how “lonely” and “unhappy” Suri supposedly is. That’s why In Touch dusted off a false story from almost exactly one year ago and essentially re-printed it now.

According to the tabloid, Tom Cruise has plans for his 50th birthday on July 3, but he’ll be celebrating in Iceland, where he’s shooting Oblivion. His absence “seems to be taking a toll” on Suri, claims the mag. A so-called “family friend” says that Suri’s “recent public outbursts” are proof of how much her dad’s travel is affecting her.

“Suri was having a complete meltdown at a recent photo shoot for Katie until Tom stopped by unexpectedly,” explains the In Touch source. “He picked her up and she was suddenly fine.”

If you’re hoping for more “evidence” for Suri’s “lonely life,” don’t hold your breath — the magazine provides nothing else. Suri Cruise — who is, remember, only six years old — had one (alleged) crying fit, which In Touch interprets as a sad, isolated existence marked by constant “outbursts.” A rep for the family tells Gossip Cop the latest mag portrayal of Suri is simply “not true.” Meanwhile, we wonder how “lonely” it must be for In Touch to speculate incessantly about the emotional life of an elementary schooler.

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