Mag: Suri Cruise’s “Twisted World”

(Life & Style)

By Daniel Gates

(Life & Style)

We’re not really sure why Life & Style feels compelled to scrutinize Suri Cruise, but it’s becoming obnoxious. Last week, the tabloid argued that the four-year-old had “too much control” over her life and parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Since there was no evidence to support that premise, Life & Style has now decided to take a slightly different approach – by contradicting itself and jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

This week, Suri is portrayed as the prisoner of a “twisted world” whose “damaging upbringing” may require the intervention of Holmes’ allegedly alarmed parents. The big crime here was Holmes taking Suri out for a couple of late nights in New York, first for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, and then to a performance of Wicked. Life & Style sees a clear indication that Holmes and Cruise “are determined to treat their preschooler like an adult.”

“Do her parents make decisions based on what’s in Suri’s best interest, or do they do what they want and take Suri along?” asks a child psychologist whom the tabloid enlists to make its case that Suri is being dragged through life by her parents. According to Life & Style, Holmes’ parents “are gravely concerned about how their grandchild is being raised” and desperate to rescue her. The tabloid also labels Suri a “little girl lost” because she’s supposedly “forced to be a grown-up… or she’s treated like a baby!”

Baffled by Life & Style‘s premise? So is Life & Style! Because the magazine seemingly cannot grasp the concept that a child sometimes acts younger than her age while behaving older at other times, it invents a bizarre world in which “when Suri’s not being treated like a 20-year-old, she’s being babied.”

“No wonder Suri’s so confused,” concludes Life & Style. No, she isn’t confused. Sometimes she uses a pacifier, and sometimes she has a late night. That’s it. She isn’t caught in some time vortex where it flips between adulthood and diapers. She isn’t “lost” in a “twisted world.” A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop these latest magazine claims are nonsense. If Life & Style so eagerly (and inaccurately) scrutinizes Suri’s every move at the age of four, just imagine what the tabloid has in store for her teenage years.

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