Suri “Kidnap Shocker!” Claims Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Panicked Over Daughter

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(National Enquirer)

By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

Suri Cruise is at the center of a “bone-chilling kidnap shocker” that has Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes surrounding the 6-year-old with a body double, bombproof vehicles, extra bodyguards, and a panic room, according to the National Enquirer.

The tabloid, which has spent months publishing bogus stories about the little girl, is raising the ante this week, claiming her famous parents are spending $12 million to protect her after a “frightening incident” allegedly left them shaken.

What happened? The Enquirer alleges Suri “went missing” while out shopping with Holmes in New York. When? Where? The tabloid can’t say. “For a moment, Katie thought the worst — that someone had snatched Suri,” a “source” tells the magazine. “As it turned out, Suri had just bolted down the aisle and disappeared in the crowd. But Katie’s heart was in her throat. Tom exploded when he found out.”

Wait a minute. The “Kidnap Shocker!” blaring on the Enquirer’s cover refers to Holmes supposedly, momentarily losing Suri in a store, under circumstances the magazine cannot pin down? It looks that way. In fact, most of the specifics in the article — about the measures Suri’s parents could choose to protect her — come via a security expert who does not work with the family.

All of it is pure speculation based on unsubstantiated fears about what threats might exist for the girl — not any actual developments. For instance, the oft-rumored “body double” for Suri is actually just tabloid fantasy, as Gossip Cop already reported. The “$12 million” figure itself is complete tabloid trickery, with the Enquirer’s expert making extremely rough estimates, based on non-existent arrangements, and then multiplying them by 12 — until Suri turns 18.

There’s no doubt that Suri Cruise, as the high-profile young daughter of extremely famous people, should be protected. And there’s no question that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go above and beyond to make sure Suri has that protection. But the Enquirer report, heavy on alarm and light on facts, has nothing to do with the family’s actual security measures.

A source close to Holmes tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer story is totally off base. The supposed incident when Suri “went missing” never happened, we’re told, and the rest of the cover story is “ridiculous” and “untrue.” Maybe the Enquirer should ease up on sensationalizing every aspect of six-year-old Suri’s life and get some more reliable sources.

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National Enquirer

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are panicked over a Suri Cruise kidnap scare.

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