Suri Cruise “Trapped” in Magazine’s Newest “Warped” Cover Story

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(Life & Style)

By Daniel Gates

(Life & Style)

Suri Cruise is getting some early lessons in tabloid hypocrisy, thanks to Life & Style.

The magazine shamelessly splashes the five-year-old’s face on its cover for a huge story about how she’s “trapped” in the “warped” world of her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. (Right, because there’s nothing more stabilizing for a kindergartener who despises paparazzi attention than winding up on a tab’s cover – yet again.)

Of course, Life & Style is the same magazine that thinks Holmes is in her sixth or seventh trimester, so good judgment isn’t exactly a top priority. In any case, the story calls Cruise a “Little Girl Lost” and claims she was “forced” to miss school to attend Fashion Week in New York, where she was caught “in a parade of flashbulbs, skinny models and expensive couture.”

Life & Style explains that she’s a “captive of her parents’ warped celebrity world,” which means lots of traveling and time alone, which Holmes and Cruise supposedly make up for “by lavishing her with presents that aren’t suitable for a kid.” “Indeed, their attempt to substitute luxuries for love is only further sacrificing her childhood,” laments the tabloid, throwing around fabricated figures about the little girl’s “$2 million wardrobe” and previously debunked rumors of tantrums and spoiled behavior.

As Gossip Cop has reported repeatedly, this notion that Suri Cruise never sees her parents and is “trapped” in some kind of twisted world is completely bogus. While Cruise and Holmes are obviously busy, his rep says this latest Life & Style attack, suggesting that they buy their daughter’s love, is totally “false.” Of course, if the magazine were actually concerned about Suri Cruise’s celebrity lifestyle and expectations, Life & Style would stop plastering her face on its cover.

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