CLAIM: Suri Cruise Has Own Credit Card, Only “Imaginary” Friends

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By Michael Lewittes


Suri Cruise is the subject of another mean-spirited tabloid story this week, with the cover of Star promising to take readers inside the six-year-old’s so-called “bizarre” world.

The mag claims Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter has “only nannies and bodyguards for friends,” and leads a “sheltered” life with no boundaries.

Star says that because of Suri’s alleged loneliness, the child has resorted to making up imaginary friends, a fantasy which her parents are supposedly happy to indulge.

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According to a “source” for the tab, “Katie spent money on high-end furniture and had an interior designer decorate a room just for Suri’s imaginary friends, even going so far as to let Suri pick out the colors and toys for them.”

And that’s not all.

The so-called “friend” also claims that Suri has “her own credit card.”

“Suri loves credit cards,” explains the alleged pal, noting, “so Katie added Suri’s name to one of her cards and lets her use it to buy candy each week.”

Is that so?

Then how come Suri didn’t buy the “high-end furniture” for her supposed imaginary friends herself?

Let’s face it: Every single word of this story is entirely MADE UP.

Suri doesn’t even have nannies.

Aside from being the innocent subject of nasty tabloid stories like this one, Suri is a fairly regular six-year-old despite her celeb parents, spending her summer going to gymnastics classes, taking trips to the zoo and learning to ride her bike — just like other kids.

In any case, a source close to Holmes tells Gossip Cop it’s “disgusting” that Star puts children on its covers, and says the article is “all lies.”

A rep for Cruise adds that the story is completely “not true.”

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