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Happy Birthday, Suri Cruise!

By Daniel Gates


It’s hard to believe, but Suri Cruise turns four years old today.

The impossibly adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has already been written about more than many celebs who choose to live their lives in the public eye. Not bad for a pre schooler.

But while many articles comment on her latest shoes or style, Suri has also been the subject of bad gossip, much like her parents and other stars who have lost their baby teeth.

Here’s hoping the coming years don’t produce more “gems” like these:

Tom Cruise lets Suri run amuck and destroy their home.

She might be privileged, but the only thing “spoiled” here is the reporting.

Suri owns a $30,000 Indy race car replica.

Perez Hilton must have been affected by fumes when he announced this one.

Suri is a princess with a $25,000 diamond tiara and $100,000 castle playroom.

She also has a fleet of unicorns, although Star magazine can’t prove that, either.

Victoria Beckham has helped craft a $3 million wardrobe for Suri.

Posh Spice gets a new Baby.

Suri is weighing her career options.

Maybe some of the bloggers who report this nonsense should start “weighing” theirs.

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Happy Birthday, Suri!

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